Sep 6, 2010

No Fleas, Please

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You know, people associate fleas with different times of year -- but it all depends on where you live. Basically if it doesn't freeze, fleas can thrive if there are animals around. Our Lab who we thought was flea proofed walked by a pet adoption center the other day where all the animals were caged --but -- he got a case o' de fleas, anyways.

Here is what I can tell you about ridding yourself of the little devils: quite simply, a bath using a good flea shampoo will kill fleas on our dogs immediately, as well as wash away dead fleas, flea dirt, flea poo, and the dandruff they dig up on our dogs skin. Once clean, the next step is keeping them as such and not getting re-infested again. I'd like to say there are some great natural remedies that really work, but the fact is nothing works better than chemicals. Topical treatments like Advantage and Frontline will kill all adult fleas within 24 hours. They both work a little differently but are extremely effective.

The adult flea is what you have to get to, because that adult comprises only about 1% of the total population of all fleast, and they reproduce and lay eggs like crazy. So you need the chemicals to keep fleas at all the other stages in the life cycle to die off also, because it's the eggs and little ones that hide in every little crack awaiting your pet and then boom -- he has fleas again. For the other hidden areas in the house consider using flea powder. Do NOT let the situation get so bad that you have to fog the house either, because that is expensive. Also wash everything your pet lies on in hot hot water, as that kills them too. I spray my carpets with the same mixture as my formula at the end of tip and I keep everything as clean as I can.

To sum up today’s tip:

1. Start with a great flea bath for your dog

2 Use other repellants in the house

2. Always change your vacuum bag to help control the fleas at the egg and baby ages, too.

3. Outside in your yard and other areas be sure and use treatments only if you are fully infested.

Wendy Nan Rees all natural flea replant household spray

1. I use a bottle that holds 12 0z you can buy online

2. ½ cup carry oil like almond oil

3. 12 drops lemon verbena oil

4. 45 drops citronella oil

5. 30 drops of cedar oil

6. 12 drops rosemary oil the real oil

8. Blend it all together using a hand blender and you can use it in your rinse or on the carpets (Spray Bottle)

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