Aug 31, 2010

Why Does My Dog Suddenly Seem to Act Like a Cow and Eat Grass?

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Your dog periodically treats the yard like an all-you-can-eat salad bar, munching on the green grass like a cow. No, your dog is not having an identity crisis. Sometimes, dogs eat grass when they are sick to their stomachs. If your pooch feels nauseous, her first instinct is to clear her belly of the “bad stuff.” That could be too many treats, or even pet food that just didn’t sit well. Grass acts like ipecac, helping your dog to vomit. So if you notice your dog eating grass, take away food and water and watch her carefully. If you see her slink around with her tail between her legs, you should usher her outside. This is a clear sign that she is about to get sick. As you notice her activity returning to normal, allow small amounts of water throughout the day. Return to pet food once you are sure her stomach has stabilized.
Aside from indicating sickness, grass munching may indicate that your dog is not getting adequate fiber from her diet. However, if you are feeding her premium dog food, you can rest assured that nutrient deficiency is not the problem. Your dog probably just needs to throw up, and grass is a sure way to trigger the response.
It is not as unusual as you may think, as this is a natural way for these animals to induce vomiting. If you notice this behavior alot, you may want to check his or her diet out for a better balance of meats and grains, as grains are a filler that dogs in the wild would only eat from the stomach of his or her prey. This may be a signal that there is toomuch grain/meal in your dog's diet.

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