Aug 31, 2010

Sound Corny? Keep a Doggy Scrapbook. Later You'll Wish You Had...

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A dog journal is a great place to collect memories and photographs of your dog. Amusing stories and silly pictures will remind you why you love your dog when he’s trying your patience, and can be a comfort when you’re feeling low.

Your memory book can contain written passages, photo collages, interesting one-liner recollections, or even memorabilia that you collect while traveling with your dog. If you can draw, bring out the colored pencils and put in some sketches. Paste in mementoes of your travels together, such as train tickets or camping passes. Use your imagination to record not just the special times, but the everyday, too.

Journals come in a wide variety of styles and forms. Craft stores have fancy scrapbooks with large, removable pages. Bookstores, art supply stores, and office supply stores have dozens of blank books to choose from in a range of sizes, some with lined paper and others with plain paper. If you want to make entries every day, you might even consider a daybook calendar, which has dated a page or spread devoted to each day. Even a simple spiral notebook will do.

Creatively decorate the pages if you wish. Craft and scrapbooking stores have a huge selection of decorations: decorative papers, stickers, rub-on transfers, stamps, three-dimensional embellishments. Use colored pencils, markers, paints—whatever strikes your fancy. There are no rules. Check out books on “art journals” for inspiration.

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