Aug 31, 2010

Playing "Which Hand" with your Puppy or Young Dog

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This game is simple for puppies to play and requires virtually no training. Ina sense it is a way of communicating and bonding, because you are teaching the dog a game that he will definitely like to play. Do you remember the childhood game, “Which hand is it in?” Usually it was played with something your friend wanted badly, such as a piece of candy. For your dog, the ultimate reward is also a tasty treat.

Here’s how to play:

1. Attention please! Show your dog the treat and he’ll know something exciting is in store.

2. Kneel and conceal. Facing your dog at his level, tuck the treat in one of your palms and place both hand side by side in front of him. Ask, “Which hand?” Put your hands behind your back and trade the treat between hands.

3. Show and reward. Bringing your palms back in front of you, side by side, ask the question again: “Which hand?” He may lick one or both hands. When he is correct, reward him with the treat. Repeat this game and he will catch on to the fact that only one hand contains a treat and he must guess before he gets a snack.

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