Aug 31, 2010

Barking is Their Language and If You Listen -- You Can Understand It

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Dogs have several kinds of barks. If you get attuned to the different barks you may hear, you will be able to understand your dog better and be better able to deal with the problem. As a friend has told me many times, “Dogs aren’t dumb animals, they just vocalize differently than we do.”

• The warning bark is deep and loud: “Hey, Mom—look out!”

• The middle-pitched, not too loud and not too strong bark is saying “Hey, please come get me. I want to go out.”

• The short bark that is almost a whine means “Hey, I have to relieve myself right now!”

• The happy bark is excited: “Come play with me—let’s go to the park!”

• The anger bark: “Hey, look at that squirrel! I must go get it!”

• The loud bark but it comes in short waves to say “Hey, it’s dinner time now!”

• The play bark that means your participation is needed: “Hey, I can’t reach that ball—I need help please.”

• The growl is a kind of warning bark: “Leave me alone!”

• The whining and crying bark is to get your attention: “Hey, look at me! Look at me! Look at me!”

• The yelp means “Run fast! I’m hurt, or stuck!”
  • Don’t reward your puppy’s whining, attention-seeking barking, or she may never grow out of it. You don’t want to teach her that she’ll be rewarded with affection or a treat if she whines.

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