Jul 15, 2010

Taking a Puppy or Dog to the Vet for the First Time

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Here is a list of things you can try to do, so that going to the Vet is always a pleasant experience for you and your new puppy or dog. Remember the first experience is the one your young puppy will remember especially if he is under 17 weeks of age. You can still IMPRINT upon him to make the vet's a fun experience.

1. Relaxing Puppies during Check-Ups
Going to the Vets office for routine medical checkups should be a positive experience for your Puppy /Dog and an informative and reassuring one for you. Here are some tips for keeping baby happy when you visit the Vets.

2. Try to schedule the appointment at a time when your new puppy is normally awake and not fussy. Make sure Puppy has gone to the bathroom and has had a meal before you go.

3. When to call your new Veterinarians
There are bound to be times when your Puppy/dog is not feeling well and you will learn is this a visit or just a phone call? However, with experience, you will know which situations warrant a phone call to the doctor–and which do not. Until then, do not hesitate to call your VET whenever you have a question about your puppy’s poo or his sleeping habit. No question should be too small or big as you are both learning. This is again, why you want to find the Vet who works well with your own personality.

4. Middle-of-the-night calls
Does this go to a machine or to a person? If it goes to a machine is the 24/7 emergency Vets office close to your home?
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