Feb 24, 2010

Miraculous Holistic Injury and Surgical Recovery

HealthyLife.Net Radio Show
Wendy’s Animal Talk
Host Wendy Nan Rees, Guest Russell Louie
February 16, 2010, 1-2:00 PM PST
Holistically Recover from Injuries and Surgeries

Russell, has studied holistic health and spirituality for over 30 years and lived a holistic lifestyle for over 57 years. He specializes in integrating his scientific background with his knowledge of health, to holistically help both people and pets. His greatest talent is being able to cut through all the marketing hype using his scientific background to tell people what is truly holistic. Today, our topic is “Holistically Recovery from Injuries and Surgeries.”
Russell, how did you pick today’s topic?
Today’s topic was actually inspired by your Executive Producer, Ruthie Bently. As you know, her dog, Skye, had a horrible accident where she severed her ulnar artery and cut two tendons in her leg on broken glass.
Yes, I remember going through that horrifying experience with Ruthie. Ruthie said Skye’s body was cold and her gums were white when she got to the vet.
Yes, Ruthie told me Skye’s body was literally in shock; as her extremities were cold and starting to shut down to protect her brain and vital organs. Her vet actually told her if she had brought the dog in any later, she would have died from lack of blood.
So, what happened?
Well, after the surgery to repair the two cut tendons and a severed major artery, the prognosis was for Skye to probably walk flat on her left foot and always with a limp the rest of her life. So, Ruthie asked me, from a holistic perspective, what I would do if Skye were my dog. I suggested she double the dosage of our BioPreparation whole food. I told her there is much research showing how algae can activate the body’s own natural ability to heal. From Olympic athletes to ordinary people surgeries, the case studies and individual anecdotal evidence is overwhelming in support of the amazing healing properties of the body when provided this super nutrition. I have literally seen things vets would say are impossible.
Wow, that is an amazing claim. Before we find out how Skye is doing today, can you tell our listeners about this research?
First of all, at the basic level, the algae contain all known vitamins from A, B, C, D, E and K, all known minerals and trace elements, from calcium and iron to magnesium and potassium. The presence of all these vitamins, minerals and trace elements increases the distribution and delivery of all other nutrients throughout the body for peak metabolism. With all the glands and organs operating at peak efficiency, all healing processes of the body are accelerated.
That makes perfect sense. What else can you tell us about the research as it pertains to healing injuries?
Not only does BioPreparation contain a multitude of healing nutrients, it can also help the body increase the absorption and utilization of everything that goes in the mouth. That includes not only the super nutrition in the algae itself but also nutrients from food, any medications and other holistic products.
Can you give me an example?
For instance, studies show the body typically absorbs only 20-25% of calcium from an isolated supplement but while giving a whole food product such as BioPreparation, the calcium absorption in the body increases to 90-95%. This increased absorption will, of course, help the body heal faster from broken bones and mend tendons and ligaments better.
So, with more nutrients being absorbed, the body can heal any injury or surgery much faster.
That is exactly right but that is just the start.
Please go on. Can you give us more specifics?
Research shows the amino acid, leucine, is one of the amino acids the body absolutely needs for the synthesis of proteins, which results in cellular repair and regeneration. Once these new proteins are manufactured, the body can routinely manufacture new muscles, tendons, ligaments and skin for recovery. Obviously, this can help heal major trauma such as severe burns and patients recovering from major surgeries.
The algae contain not only this amino acid but all ten essential amino acids plus ten more. By the way, leucine also has been shown to heighten muscle mass and strength in athletes, if we have any weekend warriors out there.
That is fantastic. Tell us more.
Another ingredient in BioPreparation is astaxanthin algae. Astaxanthin has been shown in research to protect muscles from free radical oxidative damage and also to inhibit the secondary inflammation response in the body. These benefits lead to greater muscle endurance for athletes as well as those recovering from injuries.
I can see where that could be of great benefit for a pet going through the healing process. Give our listeners another tip?
Everyone has heard about the great healing effects from essential fatty acids, especially
Omega 3s. There is another very important essential fatty acid called gamma linoleic acid or GLA. Usually, GLA is only found in early mother’s milk. It is used to stimulate the pro-immune response of babies, has anti-inflammatory properties and acts to dilate blood vessels, thereby increasing blood flow. All these properties, obviously, create a very positive environment for the body to heal itself from any injuries or surgeries.
OK, now that we know all this research, how did BioPreparation help Ruthie’s dog, Skye?
Well, after making his prognosis and treating Skye’s injuries , the vet was surprised that she was up and walking the same night of the accident and wagging her tail at him. He is very happy with Skye’s progress and her breeder is simply amazed at her recovery.
What has the vet said since the accident?
Remember, the vet’s original prognosis was for Skye to probably walk flat on her left foot and always with a limp the rest of her life. Ruthie’s vet is 67 years old and has seen a lot of horrible accidents in his practice. Exactly two weeks after the accident, Skye is now walking on her toes again. The vet actually said to Ruthie, “If I had not known which leg was injured, I could not tell the difference.” He is now so pleased with Skye’s progress he actually feels that she could regain the full use of her left leg and foot, which originally he did not think was possible due to the tendon damage he found.
That is so amazing. Any more news on Skye?
Skye actually took matters into her own paws (so to speak), the night she came home from the vet. About four weeks after the accident, Ruthie brought Skye home to be confined to her crate to continue the healing process. They let her out of her crate to go potty. After coming back in the house, Skye made a beeline for the unblocked stairs and she ran up the stairs and jumped onto their bed, which is her usual sleeping spot. They were horrified but apparently this did no damage to Skye. They had to escort the dejected Skye back downstairs to her crate to spend the rest of the night to continue the confinement prescribed by the vet.
That is so funny. Do you think the dog knows more than the vet?
Eight weeks after the accident, Skye’s vet now said she can go up the stairs in limited numbers now.
Wow, what a great recovery story. Do you have another quick story for my listeners?
For a really quick story I will tell you about my own personal recovery from surgery. My experiences mirror what Skye has gone through and apply to all recoveries whether for people or pets. About three years ago I had an emergency appendectomy at the young age of 54. The nurse gave me some industrial strength Tylenol the first night and said if that was not enough to reduce the pain for me to go to sleep, then I should push the button on the IV monitor I was attached to for some stronger pain killers. I could only push the button so many times in a 24 hour period but it was there if I needed it. The Tylenol was enough to get me to sleep the first night. On subsequent nights I never asked for any more Tylenol and I never pushed the button for further pain medication. After the third night, the nurse looked at the monitor and saw I had never used any of the doses for their super duper pain meds and she wheeled the monitor away almost in a disappointed huff.
So, the BioSuperfood for people product you were taking averted any need for industrial strength pain killers after your surgery?
That is correct. The nurse also told me the faster I could get up and walk the hospital floor, the faster my surgery wound would heal and the quicker I could go home. I was up and walking the floor the within 24 hours after my appendectomy operation and was home in a few days.
Sounds like what Skye did when she ran up the stairs.
Yes, maybe she did know more than the vet about her progress.
So, just providing super nutrition from microalgae can help a pet or a person heal their body from injuries, surgeries and who knows what else?
That is absolutely right. I have seen more than one dog with a cancer tumor given 6 months to live after their surgery and they are still alive 6 years later. I have seen dogs diagnosed with IMHA, which is an auto-immune blood disease more devastating than cancer, beat the odds of nearly an 80% fatality ratio for that particular disease. Not only did they survive but they are thriving afterwards and are the picture of health today. Like I said in the beginning of the show, these are the things I have seen that vets would say are impossible.
You seem to have wealth of pet knowledge. How can we access more of your 57 years of holistic wisdom?
One way is to go to our website, http://www.optimumchoices.com/ and sign up for our free monthly e-newsletters. We have written articles on such topics as, is glucosamine the answer for arthritis? Healthy water for you and your pets and Whole Food Nutrition vs. Supplements. All past articles are archived online and one can search for a specific topic. If your listeners will check the box at the bottom of the subscription form, we’ll send subscribers a free report entitled What Pet Food Companies Don’t Want You to Know. This report contains 11-points on how to choose a good quality pet food and what tricks to look for.
What other holistic resources do you have that would be of interest my listeners?
We have written a series of Holistic Choices e-Books. Readers can take advantage of the latest holistic research we find and absorb the information in a small chunk rather than a 100+ page book. The first three titles that have been published are:
Save Your Dog or Cat
• Secrets of Longevity (for people )
• How to become a canine massage provider

How can me and my listeners get a copy?
Go to our website http://www.optimumchoices.com/ and click on the [e-Books] button in the left column on our home page. As a special offer, I will give your listeners one e-Book of their choice free with a purchase of any BioPreparation or BioSuperfood product. Just have them say, “Wendy sent me” and ask for the free e-Book title of their choice with any product purchase in the Special Instructions box of our shopping cart. This is very important—the must mention the title of the e-Book they want free.
Ruthie tells me you will be back next month with a follow up to your inflammatory bowel disease show we did in December.
Yes, that is right. The title of the show will be Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD), Part 2: Scientific Evidence. I will be unveiling how the conclusions of a scientific research paper I found on IBD and IBS causes in people can help our own pets with the same maladies.
I cannot wait. Thank you for sharing your holistic wisdom with my listeners today. For more information on Optimum Choices and holistic options for your pet, go to Russell’s website at http://www.optimumchoices.com/. You can call toll-free 866-305-2306 or e-mail them at info@OptimumChoices.com.

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