Apr 14, 2009

Whole food and health for your pet - Andi Brown, The Whole Pet Diet

We started the month off with the idea of Whole food and heath with the hopes to teach all of us the imprints of diet and why we must look at our pets diet first when something is wrong. And if nothing is wrong then let’s be proactive and put your dog and cat on a healthy whole food diet now to prevent health problems. All our shows are archived for you at http://www.healthylife.net.

For the friends who do not know it was some twenty five years ago that I was a very lucky person to have a vet who knew what to look for in my eight week old Chinese Shari Pei. He was allergic to salt soy and preservatives. That was in 1984 back then no one was producing any food or treats with ingredients without things like that!

LIP SMACKERS® was born on Feb 23 1985. I will never forget the day. I hope you all enjoy the memory lane and enjoy our recent shows. They have been especially great with so much information. In our next few posts we will be featuring information on our guests, and their companies, so stay tuned!

I have to say great Job Ruthie! And a Very Big Thank You to Our Guest! A Huge Thank you to U my Listeners & Readers!


The Whole Pet Diet can be found at www.amazon.com and is a “must have” for everyone seeking simple solutions for the pets that they love!

As the author of the Whole Pet Diet, Andi helps people to achieve great health for their dogs and cats, using holistic health protocols. This includes recommendations for diet changes, nutritional supplements and herbs. I believe that food is the foundation of life. With the correct balance in diet, most animals can achieve glowing, great health – often times when conventional medicine is not successful. My book was designed to provide pet owners with an easy-to-follow, working road map to successfully bring any pet into optimum health, and wellness.

Since 1986, Andi has worked with thousands of people and their pets to provide solutions to the most common pet health problems. Andi’s goal has been to help keep your pets, out of the vet’s. She believes that most health problems stem from poor quality diet. Foods that are overly-processed contain by-products, chemicals and fillers – (such as corn, wheat or rice), tend to wreak havoc with an animals’ system.

Obesity, chronic skin problems, digestive disorders, diabetes, ear and eye problems and so many common diseases, can generally be corrected when a change of diet is implemented. Most of these issues are covered in her book, illustrated with stories of simple remedies which have served countless pets to find their way back on the road to wellness.

Andi is not only the author of The Whole Pet Diet, but the founder of Halo, Purely for Pets. Ahead of the pack, she produced the first complete line of natural pet care products for dogs, cats and birds. Andi pioneered the holistic pet industry, when she took her philosophy public and brought to market the first line of Human Grade natural foods, vitamin supplements, herbal grooming aids and treats for companion animals.

Her desire in writing her book was to make available to the public, all of the recipes her company produced, so that pet owners could take the healing process of their pets into their own hands and actually cook for themselves.

Currently, a columnist for Fido Friendly Magazine; Andi has been featured on hundreds of TV and Radio Shows including: “Good Morning America”, “20/20”, “The Today Show”, “Montel” and CNN.

Andi’s mission to help animals all over the world to live well came after she cured her own cat Spot, by cooking a simple stew, made with chicken and vegetables. Spot had been diagnosed with incurable problems even though she was feeding him what was considered a premium, prescription food, along with veterinary prescribed cortisone shots and steroids.

Fortunately, Spot’s health improved so dramatically fast, that she began to cook for other dogs and cats with serious issues. When their health also improved, she decided to help the world to understand that like humans; pets ARE what they eat. When you improve the quality of the diet and understand how to balance the body, you can boost the immune system, purify the blood and help the animal’s own natural healing ability to engage.

Andi Brown
Website www.thewholepetdiet.com
Email: andi@thewholepetdiet.com

In our next post we will share info from the show about our visit with Russell Louie, owner of Optimum Choices!

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