Feb 6, 2009


HI- Please remember to make sure all the toys you offer your pet are safe and always NON-TOXIC! We just received an email telling us about how dangerous this one type of toy is
"  Dear Ruthie,

Thanks so much for contacting me with regards to this, I'm trying to make as much noise as possible about this.  Four Paws now claims to have recalled this entire line of products as of August 08 but has done no public outreach let alone a thorough job contacting suppliers within their distribution network. You can still go on-line and buy the defective product all over the place. The ball in question that injured Chai was the 3" pimple ball with bell, however, they are all designed the same way so all the products in that series are flawed. They claim a manufacturing defect present in only a small portion of balls but I disagree and think it is a design flaw that would allow for that to happen in the first place.  I have yet to come across one ball that is not "defective".

I'm in litigation with the company now as this has affected many,many,many dogs. You have my permission to re-post anywhere you'd like.  Chai has relearned to eat and drink, just last week he ate food by himself for the first time since the injury. Things are getting much better for both of us.

Watch fox news this Sunday the eight for more details.

Thanks so much,"
Please help us and Ruthie bently to get the word out about this rubber toy and the fact we need to look out for our Pet's Safty!
Thank you
Wendy's Animal talk & Gang

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