Feb 17, 2009


Pets often hide during a house fire which makes them vulnerable to smoke inhalation or even death. Once a fire fighter rescues the animal from the burning building the animal often needs a lot of oxygen at once. Unfortunately human oxygen masks do not fit our furry friends. There is a resuscitation mask made especially for animals. The mask kit comes with three sizes of masks so they can fit an animal as small as a rat or as large as a Saint Bernard. The masks fit snugly around the mouth and nose so it also protects the rescuer from being bit as the frightened animal starts to revive. Countless animals have already been saved by these and after cleaning the masks can be used again and again. With many departments facing budget cuts these masks are not a priority for them. Ten year old Monica from Virginia saw these used to save someone’s dog on the news one night and realized there was a need and she could help.She started locally with her county because the fire department is run exclusively by volunteers. She started by making collection cans and  asking local businesses if they would be willing to put her can out. With the help of her dad she created a website to spread the word and accept online donations. Monica also created fliers and hung those up in business. She quickly reached the goal for her first 4 mask kits and  immediately knew she wanted to keep working to get these life saving masks in every department that needed them. Her story as well as information about the masks, stations she has helped and stations she is currently working on can be found on her website www.petmask.com.

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