Feb 9, 2012


Unfortunately, some dog walkers discover an invisible danger, only sadly, when victimized.
Contact voltage is a chronic hazard that can readily target an unsuspecting pedestrian and pet.
Be aware that any outdoor conductive fixture - electrical or merely metal - has the potential to maim
or kill, if leaking voltage. Four dogs were shocked on Monday in Regina, Canada. Another poor dog died in
Montreal last month. So what does the dog-lover do?

Begin by adopting this simple strategy, EYEBALL THE BLOCK, AVOID A SHOCK. Okay, you say,but there's snow on
the ground and probably saline deicers, then consider indoor restroom products, wee wee pads, or even just newspapers.
Winter and summer portend an enhanced risk but zaps occur year round and irrespective of extrinsic conditions.
Free-standing non-conductive contact, ie., wood, plastic, or cardboard, that's not abutting a metal or electrical object,
is generally safer unless it has snowed and is salted. That lowly garbarge bag is you and your best friend's better choice.
And why take the chance when there are so many safer ones? To learn more, please see www.StreetZaps.com.
A prudent walk is within reach if you are willing to open your eyes and your mind to it.

Blair Sorrel

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