Mar 27, 2012

How to Feed a New Puppy

How to Feed Your New Puppy
by Wendy Nan Rees

When it comes to feeding your new puppy it is important to always ask the breeder or the adoption center as to what and how many times a day the puppy is eating at the time of you bringing the puppy home. 

At your first vet appointment it is also important to talk about the type of diet you and your Vet feel is going to be the best diet, and one you can afford personally.

As a general rule of thumb it is not a good idea for your puppy to grow to fast as rapid growth can lead to a lifetime of obesity. Slow and steady growth is what you are looking for.

This way you can be assured that the whole body is growing proper bones and muscles. Remember that puppy food has a higher count of protein and fat which is needed the first year of life after that it is important to move off puppy food to young adult food.

Reading the labels of your puppy food and dog food are the place to start.  It is very important to buy a dog food that is high in quality.  Try to have one of the first ingredients listed as a protein source and not a by-product. 

You want to avoid foods that contain bulking ingredients and fillers, as this is not healthy for your puppy.  The more fillers and by-products in your puppy’s diet, the more your puppy will be going to the bathroom. 

As for feeding instructions, the general rule of thumb is from six weeks to nine months; your puppy is fed three times a day.  Of course this is something you need to discuss with your vet. 

Things that will come into play are the weight of your puppy, the amount of physical activity, and the amount of training.  All of this will help to determine how much your puppy needs to be fed.

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