Mar 30, 2012

About Feeding Puppies

About Feeding Puppies
by Wendy Nan Rees

There is something so cuddle cute with a puppy and after they have eaten with the fat cuddly belly. 

Note if your puppies belly is just fat and happy after the meal this is great but if your puppy keeps his fat belly and it is growing this may not be the cute cuddly belly you want. 

If your puppy has a very extended belly that is not going down between meals this could mean the puppy has not been wormed correctly. You need to take the puppy to the vet right away as the worms are growing and taking the good food from your puppy.

Worms in a Puppy could lead to problems later in life, like arthritis and other developments problems from being under nourished. When you go to your first Vet appointment with your new puppy be sure to bring a fresh stool sample with you .

Coming up in the next post will be Wendy's recipe for Homemade Jerky for your Pets!! yummy says Willie G and Miss Daisy !

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