Sep 15, 2012

Animal Illnesses Due to Jerky Treats

This information was retrieved from the FDA on Sept,15,2012

FDA Investigates Animal Illnesses Linked to Jerky Pet Treats

September 13, 2012
The FDA has received approximately 2,200 reports of pet illnesses which may be related to consumption of the jerky treats. The majority of the complaints involve dogs, but cats also have been affected. Over the past 18 months the reports have contained information on 360 canine deaths and one feline death. There does not appear to be a geographic pattern to the case reports. Cases have been reported from all 50 states and 6 Canadian provinces in the past 18 months.

What are the signs of the illnesses?

The majority of the cases in dogs report primarily gastrointestinal signs, including vomiting and diarrhea, sometimes with blood and/or mucus, and can involve severe signs such as pancreatitis or gastrointestinal bleeding. The next most common signs relate to kidney function, including frequent urination, increased urine, severe thirst, kidney failure and some cases resemble a rare kidney related illness called Fanconi’s syndrome. Typically Fanconi syndrome is found in certain breeds of dogs that are pre-disposed to hereditary Fanconi syndrome (e.g. Basenji).

There may be more cases of illness due to the increase of imports from China.

Dog and Cat Food Imports From China

New information is available here.

What can pet owners do?The FDA is reminding pet owners that jerky pet treats are not necessary for pets to have a fully balanced diet, so eliminating them will not harm pets. Commercially produced pet food, which is very safe, contains all of the nutrients that pets need.
The FDA is advising pet owners who choose to feed their pets jerky pet treat products to watch their pets closely for any or all of the following signs that may occur within hours to days of feeding the products: decreased appetite; decreased activity; vomiting; diarrhea, sometimes with blood; increased water consumption and/or increased urination. If your pet shows any of these signs, stop feeding the jerky pet treat product. Owners should consult their veterinarian if signs are severe or persist for more than 24 hours, as it is important that your pet receive prompt medical attention. Blood tests may indicate kidney failure (increased urea nitrogen and creatinine). Urine tests may indicate Fanconi syndrome (increased glucose). Although most pets appear to recover, some reports to the FDA have involved pets that have died.
In addition, pet owners may want to continue to monitor information as it is posted by the FDA. The agency has continually updated the Questions & Answers document on its web site and will add information as it becomes available.
How you can help the FDA investigation,
While your veterinarian will tend to your pet’s condition, you or your veterinarian can learn how to help the FDA’s Center for Veterinary Medicine (CVM) investigate your pet’s illness. Dr. Bernadette Dunham, director of CVM, shares how you can report a pet food illness on her blog from August 21, 2012. Cases of animal illness associated with pet foods can be reported electronically through the Safety Reporting Portal, or by calling the FDA Consumer Complaint Coordinators in your state.

Aug 16, 2012

“Intentional Animal Cruelty”

“Intentional Animal Cruelty”

This story speaks for itself;

Please support our mission to end cruelty to animals and publicize this tragedy to help our friend, WenWen, cope with her grief and loss. This is such a sad experience for any pet owner to go through. Our prayers are with her, Wendy Nan Rees and company.

From our dear friend Wen Wen Lin,

My name is Wen Wen Lin, and I would like to raise a case of “Intentional Animal Cruelty”, against Olivia Kuo, the dog-sitter for my pug, sat-chit, 4 years of age, delaying a care for him, in time of life and death, that eventually caused his untimely death.

(1) June 10 at 4 pm: the dog sitter Olivia Kuo came with her boyfriend to pick up my PUG, Sat-chit, for boarding at HER home.  I advise her it is extremely dangerous for pug in the summer heat, and "a few pugs DIE “every year because of heat related issue due to the caretakers negligent.  please be very careful, and only walk him in early morning, or later in the day when the temperature is lower.", and in case of emergency regarding heat, run his body with water immediately until temperature comes down to save him.

And when she informed me that her room is hot with sunlight, I send her a check to cover her expense of electricity for A.C. immediately which she cashed.

(2) Sat. July 7, in the afternoon, according to the dog sitter Olivia Kuo, around 4-5 pm, she walked sat-chit, against my advice, in the heat of 96 degree outside, the hottest day of the heat-wave in july.  When she brought my dog home, he was heat-struck, and panting very badly, really apparent in need for immediate action and care, not only did she NOT providing any care to cool him down, she left the room quickly to go to a party/work(??) (she told different story to me, and to my mediator G. Adams later), and she left him on his own without turning on the AC on her 6th floor apartment, flooded with sunlight and heat at more than 90 degree inside.

 (3) Sat. July 7, around 10ish pm, she came back 4-5 hrs later after the party, she found my pug, Sat-Chit, lay dying, and although he was still alive, soft and shaking, appeared to be in convulsion, vomiting blood and in coma, she did NOTHING-- she did not send him to the emergency room to save his life-- like she said she did-- she was there to see him suffered to death.

(4) Sun, July 8th 3:42am, she e-mailed and lied to me, (when i was overseas working)-- in the e-mail, she told me that she came home saw my dog looked dying, but still soft, and took him to the vet, but the vet said that there is nothing they could do to save him.  So they pronounced him dead.  (i will forward her message to you in a different e-mail.)

(5) Sun July 8th,  9ish-am (Eastern time, I was in China, so there was a 12 hrs difference), i opened the e-mail message from her after coming back to my hotel room about my dog passing on, and called her right away for 5 times and finally woke her up from her sleep, got through at 9:47am..  (7/8/2012 9:47:31 AM] *** 呼叫 olivia kuo,持续时间 12:30-- record from skype).  and we talked for 12 and a half minutes.  she described in details, that she saw him near dying, shaking, with blood in his mouth, but still soft, she took him to the emergency room right away, and when the doctor saw my dog, sat-chit, he said there was nothing he could do.  Then my dog then "died there in the hospital." (her words), and now in the hospital waiting to be cremated, while in truth, my dog was right next to her on the floor of her home and was never been brought to the hospital for ER visit.

She saw my dog, "yes shaking a lot"(her words)--  sat-chit was still alive when she got home on July 7th, and she saw the condition that he was in, and saw him suffered, which was caused by her walking him in extreme heat, and then left alone for hours in a heated room without AC to start with, she did not take him to the hospital to be treated.  She saw him suffered until he died.  This constitutes "intentional cruelty" to an animal in need of care, at the moment of life and death, but did not provide proper care for the animal in need —this is a criminal case, not just a civil case of negligent.

(6) Sunday 2-3 pm: the babysitter Olivia Kuo, wrapped sat-chit's dead body up from her apartment, and send him to blvd clinic. The case was handled by Mellisa in BLVD Clinic.  She never took my dog to the hospital when he was still alive, suffering and still have a chance to save him.  My friend G. Adams, (whom acts as a mediator between the dog sitter Olivia Kuo and i ), and i found out via calling Boulevard Clinic on July 10th. Blvd Animal Clinic  718-261-1231. and we talked to Mellisa, and she told us the dog sitter, Olivia Kuo, did not bring my dog in on Saturday to ER for treatment and diagnosis.  In fact, my dog never got to see a vet.  The dog-sitter, Olivia Kuo, brought him in on Sunday, around 2-3 pm, in a bag, already dead, and she asked for him directly to be cremated without seeing a doctor.

All the dog sitter’s, Olivia Kuo’s lies were to cover the facts that she did not send sat-chit to emergency room when there might still be a chance of saving him.

You can follow and share this story at the Facebook page here.

Tips to safeguard your pet from pet sitter cruelty;

Always research the pet sitter and follow up by confirming references.

Look for a reliable pet sitting company that is bonded and has a good solid reputation before you hire an individual claiming to know what they are doing without a solid reputation to back them up.

Do not hire pet sitters who have no training or experience to work with animals. Many people are out of work today and love animals, the internet and other media outlets have made pet sitting look like an easy income for many pet lovers but not all animal lovers are experienced in the aspects of caring for the many emergencies that can arise when you bring a new pet into the home, kennel or care facility.

 Ask about the person’s professional animal experience. Where did they acquire their knowledge to care for your pet and what do they know about animal keeping in general?

Animal husbandry and animal keeping, along with pet care are each areas of a whole science that is taught at universities and schools around the world. Pet care professionals undergo years of training and experience. They continue to learn everyday they work with animals because animal are unique individuals, animals are not an object that can be left on a wall, shelve and not in an apartment or car, especially in extreme heat.

Pets are alive, living breathing animals, just like us and each pet has their own unique traits which we have to adapt to living in our human world.

Look at the area where your pet will stay and make sure the home looks like other animals have stayed there and were comfortable.

Look for an excellent pet sitter or care giver who puts your animal first.  One who has the ability and desire to help your pet adapt to the new environment and await your return in comfort without expecting your pet to conform to how they keep animals.  If they are not willing to go the extra step for your pet’s comfort then they are not worthy of your pet’s company or your wallet.

Stay safe fellow pets,
Willie G and Miss Daisy at Family Disaster Dogs

Jul 23, 2012

Animal Music for your Pets and Food Recall Update

Animal Music for your Pets 

Wow, all of us dogs here at WNR were introduced to some new sounds the other day when we listened to the pet friendly music produced by Laurel Canyon Animal Company’s new release.
Click Album Cover to go to site

Our favorite song , of course, woof, woof is “It’s All Right” , howl we agree and love to sing along ”It’s All Right with Me if the Dog wants to sleep on the bed all night with me! “  Now, that’s our kind of song!

Their song “Squeaky Deakey” is a great one to play on the way to the dog park!
There are 6 songs on the new album, two songs for dog lovers and the other four for dogs! What a great gift idea for us on our birthdays!

They also have a Holiday song album we would love at Christmas, hint hint. Woof!
Don’t worry cats! There is an album for you and your parents too, called, “Cat-A-Tonic” How cool is that?

Best of all, they support The American Human Society and Animal Rescue.

Be sure at stop by their website any ole time to listen to samples and pick out a CD for the animal love(r) in your life.

LAUREL CANYON ANIMAL COMPANY was formed by owner/designer/composer Skip Haynes and Musical Director/composer/producer Dana Walden. They are based in Los Angeles, California

Skip and Dana are animal lovers dedicated to building a bridge between humans and animals through music. They create music exclusively about, for and with animals — dogs in particular. Plus, they are probably the only record label in the world that uses intuitive animal communicators to act as translators for the animals whenever we can involve them directly in the musical process.

Each CD produced by the LAUREL CANYON ANIMAL COMPANY is devoted to a particular kind of animal or species. Each track is devoted to a particular concern, situation or shared experience of the people who love those animals or the animals themselves..

The LAUREL CANYON ANIMAL COMPANY utilizes the writing, production and conceptual talents of animal loving writers, producers, artists, communicators, animators, musicians, poets –and of course, animals from all over the world.

Willie G-Dog in Charge

Before we go, we dogs want to update you on our people and the Pet Food Recalls we posted about last month, along with tell you about another danger we recently learned about with spot-on flea preventive.

Our parents are hard at work behind the scenes with Wendy working on her next book, "A Dog's Voyage Around the World"  while Amber is finishing up the Family Disaster Dog Training Manual. Both will be available soon, woof, woof, we are so excited!

All us dogs at Barking Bar Productions wish everyone a nice and safe summer of dog parks and beach walks.

Pet Food Recall Update and Other Dangers

Dangers of Hartz, Sergeant and Diamond Pet Products

Here are the Latest Pet Product Recalls and Updates of poisoning and adverse reactions to products and food produced by Diamond, Hartz and Sergeants. 
Diamond Pet Food Law Suit
Hartz Flea and Tick Top Spot 
Sergeant’s Gold Flea Preventive 

Diamond Pet Food

Diamond Pet Food has been in the news for several months and is now facing a class action law suit. 

Recent news stories have posted misleading information which has resulted in Diamond Pet Foods Issuing the Following Statement,

(retrieved and quoted on july23,2012 from Diamond Pet Food Site)

 “July 20, 2012 Statement from Diamond Pet Foods Regarding Misleading News Reports

News stories airing on local television newscasts in select cities across the country are misleading and causing undue alarm with pet owners. As a result of a CDC report issued recently, media outlets are airing reports that position the May 4, 2012 recall as currently taking place.

Some outlets are also linking all 49 illnesses to Diamond Pet Foods products. However, the CDC has indicated there were only 11 individuals who reported coming in contact with pet food produced by Diamond Pet Foods. This number has not changed since the original CDC report was issued in June.

There is no new recall.

We assure you that all pet food brands manufactured by Diamond Pet Foods that are currently on your retailer’s shelf are safe for you to purchase, and for your pets to consume.”

That is all we know at this time concerning Diamond Pet Food.

Hartz Flea and Tick Preventive for Cats is causing Poisonings and Deaths

Hartz Flea and Tick Preventive is applied on the shoulders and back of animals and is causing extreme adverse reactions in many pets, espically cats who can be hypersenitive to chemicals applied to their skin. Cats also groom themselves more throughly then dogs do which in turn can lead to a cat ingesting more of the ingredients then dogs would. 

Unaware of the dangers, one of our family's cats was treated with Hartz flea and tick top spot two months ago and within a hour, the cat was licking and cleaning itself more then usual.

After noticing the unusual licking we discussed the possibilty of the cat licking an excessive amount of the flea preventive and if this would make the cat sick. We decided Hartz was a safe and a well known company, and this product should be safe because the product  was sold for this purpose and the directions had been followed.  

Well, our cat has not been seen since. He went outside the following day and disappeared. Many animals will seek out hiding places when they are sick leaving us owners guessing what has happened to them. 

When our cat didn’t come home, my daughter went online and found this site HartzVictums and shared it with us to share with other pet owners to be aware of the dangers of using Hartz Flea and Tick Preventive. 

You can learn at HartzVictums that in 2009, the EPA announced it had noted a significant increase in adverse incidents from pet spot-on products. 

Over 44,000 incidents were reported in 2008 — a 53% increase over 2007. That sharp increase in adverse incidents prompted the EPA to launch a high-profile investigation of pet spot-on products in 2009.

Recently released documents from the EPA reveal that the majority of adverse incidents reported in 2008 were from Sergeant’s cyphenothrin spot-on products, which were sold under the name Sergeant’s Gold Squeeze-On for Dogs, Sentry Pro XFC, and TriForce Canine Squeeze-On. 

Here is a Video.

Jun 4, 2012

Wendynanrees is back!

portraits of Wendy Nan Rees with dog
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Hey everybody, we are so excited to tell you that Wendy’s main web site is back online and running again !
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Created for pet lovers, this site is designed to enhance you and your pet's happiness, comfort, and love! Directed by Wendy Nan Rees—the true Pet Lifestyle Advisor—this is a resource where you will discover new pet tips, recipes and products, get professional advice, and much more.
With 25+ years’ experience in the pet industry, Wendy Nan Rees is recognized the Pet Lifestyle Advisor and “Go-to & How-to Girl” in the pet community. She is a noted pet author and has written five well-received books.
Wendy Nan Rees, is well known for her ‘TWO MINUTE PET TIPS’
What’s New in The Shop
Lucky Dog Charms™ The People’s Charm now made for you and your pets. Always keeping an eye out for you, your best friend & Your Family©2009 Barking bar Productions

Stay tuned for the new page featuring all the different styles of Dog Charms coming soon to !

May 26, 2012

Exciting News,Updates and Oh Woof!Cat Food Recall !


Exciting News

Wendy’s main web site is back up and running again!!


New at


NEW Lucky Dog Charms

Lucky Dog Charms™ The People’s Charm now made for you and your pets. Always keeping an eye out for you, your best friend & Your Family©2009 Barking bar Productions

Created for pet lovers, site is designed to enhance you and your pet's happiness, comfort, and love! Directed by Wendy Nan Rees—the true Pet Lifestyle Advisor—this is a resource where you will discover new pet tips, recipes and products, get professional advice, and much more.

With 25+ years’ experience in the pet industry, Wendy Nan Rees is recognized the Pet Lifestyle Advisor and “Go-to & How-to Girl” in the pet community. She is a noted pet author and has written five well-received books.

Wendy Nan Rees, is well known for her ‘TWO MINUTE PET TIPS’



Check back often as we will be updating over the next few weeks

Watch for Wendy’s New Book and Movie Coming Soon!!

“A Dog’s Voyage Around The World”


Diamond Dog Food Recalls

Here is an update about the Diamond Dog Food Recalls.

First we would like to let you know about Wendy’s  book that you can read more about at

“ The Natural Pet Food Cook Book” by Wendy Nan Rees and Kevin Schlanger

Is Veterinarian Approved !

This pet cookbook takes the worry out of feeding your dog!

These meals are simple and easy to make at home for your pet !

Save your pet from dog food poisoning and pet food recalls !

Click Possible Cat Food Recall here to see a story about Diamond pet Food recall expanding

Diamond Dog Food recall has expanded to Include Cat Food.

Be sure to check the company page DAILY for not count on news articles to be right.

Here is the latest news as posted on the Diamond Recall Page

May 18, 2012

Diamond Naturals Small Breed Adult Dog Lamb & Rice Formula samples, 6 pound and 18 pound bag sizes, manufactured on Aug. 26, 2011, have been added to the limited voluntary recall, due to potential exposure to Salmonella. No illnesses have been reported.

The product was distributed in the following states, further distribution through other pet food channels may have occurred:

· Colorado

· Illinois

· Kentucky

· Louisiana

· Michigan

· Minnesota

· Missouri

· Oklahoma

· Pennsylvania

· South Dakota

· Tennessee

· Texas

· Wisconsin

Production Code & Best Before Dates:

DSL0801, 20-Oct-2012 (Product manufactured on Aug 26, 2011 and packaged on Oct. 20, 2011)

DSL0801, 26-Aug-2012

DSL0801, 27-Sept- 2012 (Product manufactured on Aug. 26, 2011 and packaged on Sept. 27, 2011)

DSL0801, 18-Oct- 2012 (Product manufactured on Aug. 26, 2011 and packaged on Oct. 18, 2011)

DSL0801, (Samples)

Pet owners who are unsure if the product they purchased is included in the recall, or who would like replacement product or a refund, may contact Diamond Pet Foods via a toll free call at 1-866-918-8756, Monday through Sunday, 8 am – 6pm EST.

Diamond Pet Foods apologizes for any issues this may have caused pet owners and their pets.

Dog faceCat faceDog faceCat faceCat faceDog faceDog faceCat faceDog faceCat faceDog faceCat faceCat faceDog faceDog face

Be careful where you buy alternative food,

Sonoran News
CAVE CREEK – Though the recent pet food recall didn't apply to Arizona,
dog and cat owners began fretting about what they feed their furry family
members. The folks at Bonnie's Barkery received countless calls asking
which kibble was made by the same ...

See all stories on this topic Click it!

Retrieved from Google Search on 5-26-2012

FDA: 900 Dog Deaths Linked to Treats from China


May 25, 2012Updated May 25, 2012 at 9:01 AM PDT

A growing number of pet owners say their dogs were sickened or died after eating chicken jerky dog treats made in China.

The Food and Drug Administration has received more than 900 complaints since issuing the latest warning about the jerky six months ago.

Owners say their dogs experienced vomiting and kidney failure - and in some cases the illnesses proved fatal.

The complaints are targeted at three brands, all made in factories in China: Waggin' Train and Canyon Creek Ranch, made by Nestle Purina, and Milo's Kitchen Home-style Dog Treats, made by Del Monte, MSNBC reported.

The manufacturers have all denied any link between their product and the dogs’ illness.

Experts are no closer to solving the mystery of what's causing the apparent food-born illnesses.

May 12, 2012

The Dog in the Clouds

Hi everyone, Willie G here with some very exciting news.

A dog appeared in the clouds one day not so long ago to lead a helping paw to somebody’s life. willy

Us dogs are incredible in this respect, we always know when to put our chin on your lap and look deep into your eyes.

We get a funny feeling telling us you need our inspiration and our faith in you. This is why we are here to be your best friends.

We wanted to know more about this dog in the clouds and set out to interviewed the author,Brian Beker.

From one dog to another, us dogs have to take care of our people and stories like this are meant to be shared so others can learn how amazing us dogs are. I told my mom, we had to asked him to tell us his amazing story about the dog in cloud who changed his life so we can share it here with you.

We hope you enjoy it as much as we did,

Willie G, and the team at Barking Bar Productions


BrianBekercomparison shot 2

Willie G interview with Brian Beker, author of The Dog in the Clouds e-book. Pictured above is Brian Beker and the Cloud.


Willie questions are in Bold print

Can you give us a little background information about yourself and how you came to write this e-book?

First of all, Willie, let me just say what an honor it is to sit down with such a distinguished dogonage as yourself.

I saw the apparition of a dog in the clouds over Kathmandu once. This book is the story of believing in something, the magic that can happen if you do, and the much bigger magic there is in a relationship with a dog.

It's the story of my dog Orville. How he entered my life and everything he did to change it. It was the relationship with Orville that brought me back from the brink. It was his death that sent me back there, and it was the understanding of his message, later, that meant the most. 

The story of The Dog in the Clouds is made up of the kind of events that lead you to see the meaning in your life. I'm writing the e-book because this magical dog story taught me so much. People might think I'm nuts when they hear it, but it's the way it was, and I'm going to tell it. 

Until e-books came around and liberated the process, I never really didn't have a good way to tell this story. A book without the hundreds of beautiful pictures and hours of video I have just wouldn't be as rich and textured, not to mention fun. So I'm writing this e-book because just now the new formats match the inspiring tale. I also love the fact that people will be able to share all the visual stuff with their kids.

Here's the background. Years ago, I went through some trying times. It started when I was crushed in a jeep wreck  in Nepal. Both of my legs were pulverized, my left arm was snapped, and worst of all, I got clocked really hard on the head. It was in a remote place, at night, in the Himalayan foothills. I left my body and saw the aftermath of this accident from the air (and was able to return to the remote spot two years later and pick it out from what I saw from the air). I went for days without treatment, and then that was under the care of a missionary doctor who was whisked out of the country when he was accused of serial murder. More than a dozen of his patients died in the 10 days I was in the hospital. The New York Times travel section story about that I think still holds the record for column inches printed in response.

Broken bones heal, but the effects of that wallop on the head lingered. I just didn't know what to make of things. 

Right after I went back to work, I entered a period of deep pain and paralysis of the legs. Over the next two years I saw 22 doctors. They all said there was nothing wrong with me. Having all those doctors reinforce the idea that there was nothing that a good psychiatrist couldn't fix was troubling, to say the least.

But then Doctor Number 23 found a huge tumor on my spinal cord - eight centimeters - and even though they had to chew my back up to get it out, I could walk again. 

I went straight back to work in Asia, making a documentary about revolution and heroin trafficking during a series of clandestine border crossings in the jungles of Burma. The film, Lines of Fire, won awards, was broadcast all over the world. It premiered at the Museum of Modern Art in New York and was selected as the opening night film for the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences annual documentary series. It might not have been the smartest thing emotionally, though, to make that film. It was war, people were dying, the cause in Burma seemed hopeless, it is the children who always suffer the most in war zones, the animals go through hell... all in all, it wasn't the best way to recover from all those years of physical and psychical injury, even though I was devoted to getting that story out to the world.

Other nutty stuff added up - getting captured in Burma while working for Greenpeace a year later (we escaped), a death sentence (given in absentia - I was invited to attend my appeal in Rangoon) for espionage, being deported from Nepal when assisting a director on a Keanu Reeves picture there, a divorce... I was getting wound up pretty tight.

I went on the run. I just wanted to go someplace quiet, cheap and out of the way. I went back to Nepal, the place where I had been crushed and almost killed in that accident, the place I had been deported from a couple of years earlier. I went there because despite the bad stuff, it was also the place where I had experienced the most magic. So, that's the back story.

It was the rainy season. No one was around. It was lonely, muddy, depressing - absolutely the worst time to be there. There were riots in the streets, tear gas, and the cops laid on a 5 PM to 5 AM curfew, so to add to the mood there was a nice helping of solitary confinement in a brick-walled guest house room.

Kathmandu is just south of the Himalaya Mountains, and the combination of those mountains and the hot flatlands leading up to them makes for some of the most staggering thunderstorms on the planet. In the middle of a night I was out on the roof, sitting in the rain, watching one of the storms, getting soaked. There was a staggering display of lightning deep inside the clouds - it looked like a star was being born in a galaxy just overhead. It was one of those moments of natural magnificence that takes your breath away.

And then - just like that - the clouds parted, like curtains on a stage, revealing a perfectly composed cloudscape. The full moon was right in the center, and rising from the bottom, what looked to me like a dog's head. A beautiful, joyful, celestial dog, way up there in the Himalayan sky, with a full moon to light his way.

It was an incredibly touching moment for me. No one else was out in that downpour, let alone staring up at it in the middle of the night. It felt like it was just for me. 

And the truth is, I completely believed it was a sign. I had no doubt that it meant that that exact dog was on his way to me.

I  started looking for him the next day in Kathmandu. I went all over town and looked at every dog I came across. None of them seemed to be the one. I looked in Kathmandu, and then when I went home to Colorado, I kept looking. I printed up the photograph I took of the clouds that night and compared dogs to it all the time. 

One day I realized how insane this was. I was still unsure of my thinking from the knock on the head. And here I was checking dogs against a shape in the clouds.

And so I dropped it. I wanted a dog. I switched from the clouds to the classifieds. Someone out on the prairie had a litter of Labradors that she said were ready that day. She asked me what I wanted, and I hadn't even thought about it. After all, a dog was on his way to me from the heavens, right? So I just said the first thing that came to mind - a yellow male.

The woman said, "Oh, sorry, I don't have any yellows at all. Just ten little black girls and one little white boy."

I took him, sight unseen, just like that, and drove a couple of hours through the snow to get him. I named that tiny puppy Orville, after a couple of famous Orvilles - Wright and Gibson.

So to get back to your question about why I'm writing this e-book, it's because the relationship that formed was life-saving. I pulled Orville out of the classifieds, but he's the one who rescued me.

When I saw the accidental picture that showed how closely Orville matched the dog in the clouds, it was one of those moments that make you smile. I didn't tell anyone about it, but it added to my sense of how my dog had been sent to me.

Orville traveled to Nepal with me. Because of his white fur, he was considered a halfway sacred animal. He became a celebrity there, but mostly it was for being a good dog. Kind to everyone, good with all animals, a swimmer, a fetcher. The Ambassador from Labrador.

And like every event in our lives that has meaning, or that we come to see as instructive for us, there seemed to be a profound message in Orville's life. It was a message made of a terrible lesson. Orville died young from cancer. Even that was part of the lesson. Even that was an opportunity for him to something heroic and selfless. Orville gave me his life. I know some people will snicker at that view of things, but not anyone who knows the power and goodness of animals. Their power to act selflessly is beyond what is normal for humans.

I'm prattling on too much, but in essence, The Dog in the Clouds is about the magic we all experience with our animals. It's about what a gift they are and how they can heal us. It's about how much love and respect they deserve for their courage and loyalty and love.

BrianBekerPuppy O w tennis ball

Pictured is Brian’s puppy who is in the book  

wow woof what an amazing story you have !  Have you known dogs before you saw the dog in the cloud?

Oh, yes, all over, but I never had a dog of my own. 

oh can you tell us a little bit about them?

We had family dogs when I was a kid, and then I got close to a few dogs working in Asia. I grew up with a beautiful German Shepherd named Luna who died in my arms. One dog I adopted in Thailand once allowed me to sew up his torn face with a sewing needle and thread, his head in my lap, trusting me, never even twitching. I've never met a dog I don't like.

Many of us dogs have that affect on people and it’s nice to hear how helpful you’ve been to another dog. Luna was a lucky dog to have you. What other experiences would you like to share with our readers about any dogs in your life before you saw the dog in the cloud?

I have been lucky - I've had a few moving experiences with animals. I worked on the adoption of a couple of leopards in Nepal. It was sad - the local authorities wouldn't try to release them back into the wild, but at least we were able to manage a caring home for them and a life together for two independently marooned cubs, one boy and one girl. I once had a few weeks to get close to an elephant. At the end of it she gave me a present, handed (trunked?) it right over her head. It's an elephant's vertebra, in exactly the shape of an elephant's head. It's one of the few possessions I always have wherever I live. I've had other strange connections with animals that always leave me feeling humbled to the size of a particle. 

One of the most profound was when a civet cat in the jungle walked up to me and lay down on my foot and let me stroke her for a couple of minutes. She wouldn't let anyone else touch her. And then she died. The feeling that a wild animal would come to you when she was dying - well, what do you make of that? 

That goes back to the e-book, because, like the picture of the dog in the clouds, there are pictures of everybody else, the elephants, the leopards, and this beautiful, wounded civet cat who died beside me in the jungle. When things like that happen, they make you think long and hard. They make you wonder shy you're being shown things, why these connections with animals exist. I really believe, just like I believed in the dog in the clouds, that there's a purpose to it, even if that purpose is just to explore the respect and love all animals deserve.

How long have you been working on this book project ?

I've been writing this and rewriting it for about three years. It's only now starting to come together. A large part of it was actually writing things so that the truths and connections could emerge. It's a more complex story than I thought, and requires more treatment of the context Orville was placed into.

What would you like readers to know about your project ?

That it's straight from the heart, that every word of it will be true, that telling that truth will probably expose me to some ridicule, but that I don't care. It's the best and most meaningful story I know. More than anything, it's a tribute to the greatest friend I ever had, who, even though he was dying, still found a way to give me his life. No one has moved me as deeply. He did what he did for me out of the purest love, and that's what all our dogs do. This book is going to be about him, and for him, and so all I am hoping for is the opportunity to write it. The rest will have to take care of itself.  

When do you expect to be finished with the e-book?

It'll take about a year to write, depending on how much money I can raise. If the Kickstarter campaign is successful and I can devote more time to it, hopefully sooner.

Do you have a dog in the house?

Not at the moment, but I'm next on the list for fostering with a Lab rescue here in LA. So, soon, hopefully! Also, I live in back of a house that has a 4-year-old Labradoodle who has become a great friend.

Good luck finding a puppy! What plans do you have for your new puppy in your life after the publication of A Dog in a Cloud?

My entire ambition in life is to be able to live with dogs again. I'm hopeful that the book will help that come true, that I'll be able to concentrate on not having to move around so much and work into a lifestyle in which I can take of a couple of dogs.

Has working on this project affected your life? In what ways?

It has made me more acutely aware of the blessing that animals are. It has made me think of all the things that their presence in our lives mean - how much fun they are, how much love they bring, what great examples they set, how profound the relationships with them are. The struggle to organize thoughts and write them is resulting in a constant flow of hopeful information, by which I mean that the truths I'm discovering by writing about Orville are things that are true not only for him or during that relationship - they're true for all of us and for all animals. That means that by examining this, the sense of loss is being replaced with a sense of hope, because I know that more such relationships with animals are in the future.

We have truly enjoyed your story. Is there anything at all that you would like people and dogs to know before we go?

This book project is being done as a Kickstarter campaign. Kickstarter is a site where creative projects go to look for backing from a wider internet community. People who pledge aren't doing it out of charity - they get stuff in return. It's safe, easy and quick, in fact it's a couple of clicks to your Amazon account. And folks aren't charged unless the whole funding goal is met, so the projects they back will actually happen.

It would be great to have the support of this community. Here's the link. There's a 3-minute video with my beautiful boy Orville in it.

And thank you for all your great work and the ways you spread the word about being kind and respectful to animals. 

Thank you Brian Beker for a wonderful interview with Willie G, Dawg

We would like to congratulate Brian on his dog rescue story coming up number 1 on Daily Kos - it was at number one for eight hours, got 500 recommends and stayed on the Rec list for 24 hours. The story is about a Flying Dog Rescue. Here is the story for you to read too!


May 10, 2012

Update Pet Food Recall

Hi everyone, Willie G Dawg, here, with a few updates about what’s happening in the pet world.

First off, we wanted to let everyone know that Wendy’s main website will soon be completely updated and live online once again for all you great pets and people out there!

Please bear with us as we make updates, move the radio show and get ready for Wendy’s new book and movie release; “A Dog’s Voyage Around the World”

another type of header 2-1


Pet Food Recall

The Diamond Pet Food contamination has expanded to include pet owner’s getting sick from handling the pet treats and food, please make sure you check the label of all pet food bags to make sure the food has not gone through the Diamond Pet Food factory. They make several brand names of dog and cat food and treats.

Retrieved below is the notice from  The Diamond Pet Food Recall Page

Diamond Pet Foods has voluntarily recalled some brands of dry dog and cat food that it manufactured in its Gaston, S.C. facility between December 9, 2011 and April 7, 2012 due to potential Salmonella contamination. The brands that were recalled on May 4 have not tested positive for Salmonella.  The company is recalling certain batches of these brands, however, as a precautionary measure to ensure the safety and well-being of customers and their pets. Consumers should check this website for the production codes and best-before dates on the bags of recalled food, and discontinue feeding it.

To learn whether or not the brand of dog or cat food you use is included in the recall, please select it from the list below.  Please note: we have issued CORRECTED production codes for all the brands below except for Apex.  Each brand's page will have the CORRECTED production codes.

Check here to see the brands and recall page

Have a great day, I’m going hiking !

Willie G and the team at Barking Bar Productions


Apr 28, 2012

Chicken Soup for the Pet Lover’s Soul Recall

Chicken Soup for the Pet Lover’s Soul Issues Voluntary Recall

Recall is limited to one formula of Chicken Soup for the Pet Lover’s Soul distributed to 10 states

Diamond Pet Foods is recalling one production run of Chicken Soup for the Pet Lover’s Soul Adult Light Formula dry dog food. One bag of the product has tested positive for Salmonella, and the recall of the four production codes is being conducted as a precautionary measure.

We encourage consumers who have purchased Chicken Soup for the Pet Lover’s Soul Adult Light Formula dry dog food with the specific production codes and best before dates to discard the product. Diamond Pet Foods apologizes for any potential issues this may have caused our customers and their dogs.  No dog illnesses have been reported.

Chicken Soup for the Pet Lover’s Soul Adult Light Formula – dry dog food:

35 lb - CLF0102B31XCW,    Best by Date 27/JAN/2013

35 lb - CLF0102B31XCW,    Best by Date 28/JAN/2013

35 lb - CLF0102B32XWR,    Best by Date 28/JAN/2013

6 lb - CLF0102B3XALW,     Best by Date 28/JAN/2013

Chicken Soup for the Pet Lover’s Soul Adult Light Formula dry dog food is manufactured by Diamond Pet Foods and was distributed in Florida, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Michigan, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Carolina and Virginia, who may have further distributed the product to other states, through pet food channels. The company is working directly with distributors and retailers who carry these products to remove them from the supply chain.

Pets with Salmonella infections may have decreased appetite, fever and abdominal pain. If left untreated, pets may be lethargic and have diarrhea or bloody diarrhea, fever and vomiting. Infected but otherwise healthy pets can be carriers and infect other animals or humans. If your pet has consumed the recalled product and has these symptoms, please contact your veterinarian.

Individuals handling dry pet food can become infected with Salmonella, especially if they have not thoroughly washed their hands after having contact with surfaces exposed to this product. Healthy people infected with salmonella should monitor themselves for some or all of the following symptoms: nausea, vomiting, diarrhea or bloody diarrhea, abdominal cramping and fever. According to the Centers for Disease Control, people who are more likely to be affected by Salmonella include infants, children younger than 5 years old, organ transplant patients, people with HIV/AIDS and people receiving treatment for cancer.

Pet owners, who are unsure if the product they purchased is included in the recall, or who would like replacement product or a refund, may contact us at 800-442-0402.

Retrieved on 4-28-2012 from Chicken Soup for Pet Lover's Soul 

Apr 15, 2012

Diamond Pet Foods Recall

 Diamond Pet Foods

Dog Food Recall


Diamond recalls dog food over salmonella concerns (blog)
by Susan Wyatt Diamond Pet Foods is voluntarily recalling Diamond Naturals
Lamb Meal & Rice due to salmonella concerns. The company says no illnesses
have been reported and no other Diamond manufactured products are affected.

See all stories on this topic:

Pet food plant suspends deliveries following recall

GASTON, SC (WIS) - One week after issuing a voluntary recall of its dog
food, Diamond Pet Foods has suspended delivery of some of its products. The
company announced Friday that on April 8th, it temporarily suspended
delivery of all products made at ...

See all stories on this topic:

Provided by Google alerts

Apr 13, 2012

Prepare Dogs for Earthquakes and Tornadoes

Prepare your pet for Earthquakes and Tornado

with Fun Activities 

With the increase in tornados and earthquakes around the world this year we thought it would be a good idea to post some fun activities to do with your dog from Wendy Nan Rees that can lead to your dog being your helper during an earthquake or tornado and in the event that a loved one is missing.

By Wendy Nan Rees

It is often stated that the more you play with your dog the more likely you both will stay together.
Just like a marriage or a dating relationship it’s up to us to make it a Friendship. Everything in our life is worth having and you have to be willing to put work into it to get what you want out of it!

I am asked every single day now that I have a new Puppy in training to become by personal service dog did you buy him this way or are you doing the work yourself?

My answer is, I am doing the work!

Why do I want another person to train my dog, if I am able to train him myself and I’m able to gain the bonding experiences?

Play also offers the bonding of the training and the mental triple threat to help tucker out Fido and to insure your both happiness. Exercise is as important for dogs as it is for people. It helps them stay healthy and helps prevent them from gaining weight. Well-exercised dogs are better behaved and less likely to test their limits indoors by chewing on furniture or releasing pent up energy.

Usually, those “bad” behaviors are a sign that your dog is antsy and needs a good play session or a long walk. Fortunately, exercise can be easily incorporated into your dog’s routine. Here are some ideas

As often as you can, take your dog for a walk instead of just letting him out into the yard to do his business. It’s great exercise for both of you!

If you jog or run and your dog can keep up, take her along.
Do you enjoy Frisbee? Let your dog play with you.

Try dancing with your dog, staircase sprints, tether ball, or monkey in the middle!

Today, they have an activity which now has a real name and many groups of people are enjoying this sport.

 I personally have not tried this. I see groups of 3-4 people exercising with their dogs all the time. This fun activity it is called “Bikejoring “ and this is where you ride a bike and then Fido also pulls you along.

Now this I would love and gives  me ride ideas.

Another growing sport is called “canicross” this is where you and your dog are doing a cross country course on a bike and attached by the waist using a harness that has the ability to also absorb shock.

And, a sport that is now growing again called “ Carting” this is where your dog pulls you and a very light weight cart. In some cases you race others as a group of carters out for a day of pleasure carting. This is something you can join classes to learn from beginning all the way up.

The wonderful sport of the “flying disk” and Fido catching it has kept on growing from the 70’s and today they have contests all over the world where you can learn and join in on many different levels.

Another interesting thing I learned is that there is even a sport type drink for your dog that is made to look just like our Gator Aide®. It is called Rehydrate Sports Drink for your Dog®..

Hunting and doing the field trials you do not have to kill to be involved in this sport as today they can and do use the dummy which has the scent of a bird and then you teach your dog to go fetch or point. Many of the different breeds offer different styles of how they retrieve.

Teaching Fido how to track a scent is one in particular that grabbed my interest and led to meeting Amber Higgins, founder of Family Disaster Dogs, who has since joined our team as my producer with her retired Bloodhound, Daisy.

Wrinkledpups Daisy Mayham
Expert Bloodhound 
I did a little research and here is a sneak peak of what I found and suggestions for creating your own “Sent Hunt” at home.

If you are interested in learning more about scent training, I found that that there is not a standardized common name for “Scent Hunt Classes”, but rather they fall under some of the names listed below.
1. Nose Work Class
2. DOG TRAINING Utility Class – Scent Discrimination
3. Scent Tracking Classes- Dog
4. Practical Dog scent training
5. Bring the Scent Hound Out in Every Dog Classes
6. Getting Started Tracking Classes
7. Scenting with a purpose (my personal favorite)
8. K9 Nose Work Classes
9. The Dog Nose
10. Cold Nose College
11.   Family Disaster Dogs

The wonderful thing about Scent work is that your dog is able to do what he loves and is naturally born to do. This is not only great exercise but also a bonding experience and gives your dog a mental as well as physical work out.

Here are a few common terms and resources you should familiarize yourself with if you’d like to start your own “scent hunt.”

SCENTING – this is actually the term for the sport and you may even choose to go onto competing against other dogs if your dog shows the interest and talent.

BOOKS-SCENT - K-9‘s Reason for being “, by Detective Steven White. It is an excellent resource that I recommend highly. A website that sells food and animal scents as well as hunting supplies.

In terms of introducing your dog to “scents”, the type of scent you use is very important and you need to consult with an expert to learn how to introduce the scents to your dog.

The best way to begin teaching a dog to scent for fun and exercise is usually with a food scents and the most commonly used ones are Anise and Birch as well as clove. They are all in the form of essential oils. Some apply the scents on cotton some others use leather straps and some use linen stripes. They are then concealed in a of box or card board.

note:  If your dog is doing serious scent work like search dog work, refrain from using food scents in training. Learn More

And now, you’re ready for your mock hunt. The Idea of the game is for your canine friends to find the hidden scent. As your dog improves their skills, they can move outside and step up to hunting a scented ball or a dummy and then, once he’s mastered the skill and honed in on his nose, you can even add an obstacle course.

When your neighbors and their dogs are ready, it’s time to compete and this is where the fun begins. Give your judges a badge, a pad of paper and a timer, and let the games begin. The team that finds the mock fox or bird first wins!!!!

Now you move into advance obedience and the start of basic agility work to get really to start compete, remember this is open to any type of breed from my Chihuahua and my Yorkie. I have personally chosen to keep Senny home, my trained Bird lab.

The Cost run from $ 50.00 dollars to $ 100.00 per class / Serious for training

When it comes to completion each one has its own entry fee that you will have to see with each show. For more info please go to the National Association of Canine Scent Work

The web Site is at

Search-and-Rescue Dog Jobs

SAR dogs are trained to specialize in certain search and rescue techniques, much like people choose a major course of study in college.

Air Scent Dogs: track by smelling shed human skin cells that float in the air

Trailing (Tracking) Dogs: search by smelling the ground for a missing person’s scent.

Water Search Dogs: work along shorelines and on boats with search teams.

Human Remains Detection (Cadaver) Dogs: find dead bodies by detecting scents rising from the soil, similar to how dogs find buried bones.

A game of fetch may bore a human after a few rounds of, “Go get it!” and, “Drop it!” Golden retrievers are tireless fetchers, as are Border Collies and German Shepherds.

For some dogs, there’s nothing better than racing after a flying ball or Frisbee, capturing it, and bouncing back to the owner, who really plays the role of a human catapult.

Your dog isn’t shy about requesting a game of fetch. Usually, the “please” comes in the form of him producing his favorite ball and dropping it by your foot or in your lap.

In our Family Cappy & Senny just go wild for any kind of Ball! So we do the ball in water to help them swim and “retrieve” at the sometime it is just by chance that Capp’s Love for the ball have over ridden his normal what should I say?

Non swimming nature to make him a great Yorkie swimmer with our labs, Go Figure- it is a sight you really have to see one that draws its own crowd at the beach especially when I add a Chula into this mix.

Why do dogs go crazy for a game of fetch?

The fetch instinct is part of dogs’ DNA. In a pack, the top dog would go out hunting with other senior dogs to collect food for the entire group. He would chase after prey, fetch and retrieve food, then return home with the bounty to share. Fetch sparks dogs’ evolutionary prey instinct to find the most basic need: food. Today, dogs get all they can eat at home and fetch is playful and a way of pleasing their owners.

Now, about those dogs who love to fetch, but have no interest in dropping the ball or Frisbee? “Drop it” is a command you must teach to your dog. Again, dating back to dog instincts of the olden days, the top dog as the “hunter” got first refusal on the meat he retrieved for the pack. The one who fetched got first pick. Since your dog is fetching one item, you as the “pack member” get what’s left.

Train your dog to fetch by teaching “Go get it!” or “Go fetch!” and “Drop it,” so the game doesn’t turn into tug-of-war.

Here is a great first timer web site to go to if you are interested in learning more about this sport go to the web site Fun Nose Work

Cheers, Wendy Nan Rees

A note from Amber and Family Disaster Dogs,

First off we want to thank you for reading these great pet tips from Wendy!

I would like to add that any dog and owner who learn to do any of these fun activities can use these play sessions to prepare for an emergency event like an earthquake, tornado, flood and the worst, a missing loved one.

To learn how to incorporate these tips into a disaster plan for your home and to learn how to teach your dog to find your family members or friends if they are lost you can read the lessons online at Family Disaster Dogs.

Here is What to pack in your pet's Go-Bag, Evacuation Gear

We wish you all Happy Trails,
Barking Bar Productions

Mar 31, 2012

Jerky for Pets Recipe

Jerky for Pets Recipe

by Wendy Nan Rees

Pre-Cooking Jerky is a way to really make sure your meat product is very well cooked but you can also do it just by drying the meat and skipping the precooking method.

1. Slice the meat into long pieces that are a maximum 1/4 inch thick. Some people find it easier to slice meat that is partially frozen. Slicing across the grain will result in a more tender jerky. Remove all visible fat. It is not necessary to completely freeze when this pre-cooking method is used. 

2. Prepare a marinade in a large saucepan. A recipe for marinade follows, but any flavor you prefer can be used. Make enough marinade to cover all the meat strips; the amount will vary with the amount of jerky you make and the saucepan you choose. 

A general guideline is 1 - 2 cups marinade for each one pound batch of meat. 

3. Bring the marinade to a full rolling boil over medium heat. Add a few meat strips, making sure that they are covered by the marinade. Return to a full boil.

4. Using tongs, immediately remove meat from the marinade to prevent over-cooking. Repeat the immersion process until all meat has been given the heat treatment. 

5. Place precooked strips on drying racks with a small space between each strip. Dry in dehydrator at 160F for 3-4 hours, then lower temperature to 140F for about another 4 hours or until dry. 

If drying in a household oven, the times tend to be longer; plan on about 8 hours at 160F and then more time at 140F. It is important that the temperatures not be higher, because you want to dry the meat for safety, not just cook it. Bacteria require moisture to grow so completely dry jerky is important for safety. 

6. To test jerky for dryness, remove a piece from the dryer, cool it, then bend it. It should crack but not break and there should be no moist spots. Package air tight (so moisture cannot re-enter the meat) and store at room temperature for about 3 weeks, or freeze for longer storage. Always in an air tight container 

This marinade works well for , beef, turkey or chicken jerky. It is adapted from a recipe by Sunset Books. It makes enough for about 2 pounds of meat. 

1/4 c soy sauce
1 Tablespoon Worcestershire sauce
¼ c Beef or Chicken Broth
1 teaspoon parsley dried
optional  be sure to use salt if you do not use the smoke flavored always be sure to check with your VET BEFORE COOKING FOR YOUR DOG or CAT!

1/4 teaspoon hickory smoke flavored salt

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