Feb 7, 2011

Let's Talk About Why Paw Tags Are So Good & Why One Should Try Them

"I have provided my pets the very best of Lost Pet Search & Rescue protection with Pawtags Rescue ID Tags. Their Live Operator Team is trained to provide top notch assistance for immediate retrieval of lost pets. It's a great value"

                                                             Wendy Nan-Rees

Before micro chipping, many people tattooed their dogs on their bellies and their thighs; this was commonly done with show dogs.  When micro chipping became available and affordable to the general population, people started to realize what a great idea this is.  The microchip is a size of a small grain of rice and the vet uses a special gun to place under the dog’s skin.  The microchip is scanned before and after it is in place.   Some dogs will yelp or cry during this process, some may not notice the process happening.  Be sure to use a lot of rewards and praise while the process is taking place.  This is really the best way should your dog be lost and put into pound or in a vet’s office, you can find him easily.  No two microchips are the same, each chip has your dogs and your personal information stored in a data base.  This is something almost all vets can do; the cost is between $40-60 for each dog.  If you do not want to microchip your dog, be sure your dog has up to date tags at all times and it is also a good idea to register with the new online sites with your dog’s and personal information, should they go on a little adventure too far from home.  It is also important to note that doggy GPS collars are starting to be widely used.  This is also something worthwhile looking into because if your dog slips out through a hole in fence, hopefully your GPS tracking collar is on and you should be able to find Fido trotting down the road within minutes. 
Here is my problem with all of these systems which all can work- The average person that finds a lost pet does not have a scanner to read a microchip, nor do they have a way to read a GPS system and they most likely need to just be able to look at a tag read it and be able to take the pet to a safe place. By using the very high tech system of what the PAW TAG’S have to offer it is amazing to what they can get done in about twenty minutes of first getting the call of a missing pet. What I am asking of my readers is to simply go to the site for yourself to just see what it is they offer nothing more. I am that confident you will be as a amazed as I have been  http://www.pawtags.com/
Please take my offer and make the call here is the toll free number to call please say Wendy Nan Rees has asked you to call to hear what is you offer that is so different.
 Here is what makes Paw Tags so Different
a nationwide pet search and rescue service providing 24/7 live, trained operator support for owners of lost pets called “Pawtags Rescue” at www.pawtags.com.
Global Pet Search spent over 2 years researching the problems and applying solutions for pet identification and more importantly the rescue and retrieval of lost animals. This included extensive review of existing id programs and discussions with leading pet welfare organizations throughout the country.

The key elements they are focused on changing are educating the public as to the true status of animal rescue, retrieval and identification. According to John most pet owners don’t understand that nearly 80% of all lost animals retrieved are euthanized.
He attributes this to poor identification, the lack of “immediate live support assistance” to finders of lost pets; and that owners of lost pets don’t know where to search for their animals. Global Pet Search, Inc. claims to be the only pet tagging service that utilizes zip code search assistance for all 10,000 animal control facilities in the US.


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