Nov 30, 2010

Never, EVER Worry About Yout Dog or Cat Getting Lost Again

This is Tom Rees writing to you. I was married to Wendy for 10 years, and while we divorced 5 years ago in 2005, we are still great friends and business associates. I help her with the blog and radio, and manage some of her business affairs.

I am incredibly excited about a company that we have aligned with named Pawtag, a live 24/7 operator assisted Pet Rescue service. THE COMPANY IS OFFERING A SPECIAL DEAL IN CALIFORNIA RIGHT NOW AND AN ADDITIONAL DISCOUNT FOR WENDY'S PEOPLE WHERE LIFETIME RESCUE COVERAGE IS ONLY $29.95 -- ONE TIME FEE ONLY.To be honest I am so excited about it I'd like to buy into the company, and I'll tell you why in a second. First I just want to say, I have purchased Pawtags lifelong services for all four of Wendy's and my dogs because the company's management is offering a special deal during Pawtags' introduction here in California. If you have cats, they obviously work for cats too.

Wendy and I have great dogs and we mix them up between houses because we are divorced but still good friends and working together. Occasionally one of them has to show off his independent side and run off to be the man about town. We both live near really busy through-streets though, so it is always kind of a panic attack when one of them decides to take off and we discover them missing. The next hours consist of driving down all the nearby streets calling out a name and whistling or banging food bowls together.

A couple of times we have had people pick up a dog seeing that he was obviously lost, and they call the number on the tag. Well it's Wendy's number so if she's busy and can't pick up her phone for any reason, the person may not know what to do. Once we had one of the dogs taken to a dog-pound, but luckily we contacted them and figured out a dog matching our description had been brought in.That approach is sort of hit or miss, however, so I would not want to have to go through that again.

What if we hadn't contacted animal control when we did and they took a bunch of animals off to be euthanized and ours was mixed in somehow? Maybe I'm a little nuts, but that's the kind of thing I worry about. Let me just tell you why I am so jazzed about what Pawtag is doing:

#1 I thought micro-chipping was a good idea until I learned that the technology with these microchips is always changing. That means there is no guarantee that an animal center can read my microchip if its too new, or too old, or not the right brand 2, 4, or 10 years from now. The much bigger issue is, however, I want somebody to know my dog's name to be able to calm the animal, and I want to make 100% sure the rescuer can reach somebody right away. I don't want to count on them having to drive my dog to some clinic that hopefully can read my microchip. I don't want them keeping my dog and maybe locking him in a closet because they have to go out immediately.

#2 A personal tag with the dog's name on it is OK, but I'd rather never be in the situation where a person calls the phone number on the tag, and whoever they're calling is busy at that moment or does not pickup. So use PAWTAG even if you have a regular tag. It is only $29.95 on a ONE-TIME basis. You can't lose!

#3 Most importantly, if somehow my dog ends up in the pound, I want them to be able to notify someone right away. I don't want my dog hanging out where strays and all kinds of diseases are passed around.

4 Pawtag solves all these problems with their 24/7 operated assisted rescue number. I called it just to see how many rings it would take and if the operators would know exactly what to do. It was a great experience so I bought tags for all my dogs!

Whoever finds the dog calls the 800 number , gives the operator the code on the tag, is immediately told the dog's name and that he just had all his shots, and the owner lives at xyz street 1.5 miles away (they have maps)-- "hold on a moment while I reach the owner". Then she's got Wendy to call, then me and if we don't answer goes down a list of numbers on the computer until she reaches somebody in your family.

Before buying the Pawtags tags I called the operator's desk and asked myself what her procedure was, So I not only listed Wendy, but they have room on the input sheet for 10 phone numbers. I added Wendy, my best friend Steve, mom and dad, and sister!

The bottom line is there is no room for error. Just while I was writing this article, a microchip article came up on my news. They have to reprogram the microchips, then add them to this manual universal data base. Then they talked about getting only 3 out of 4 animals back with their owners because of old data or things wrong, and they said that is a good number! I think it's terrible because it should be 100% an owner gets his or her pet back (barring accidents, God forbid). PAWTAG has NEVER not been able to locate an owner or owner's family and friends!

So that's it in a nutshell. I believe this system beats all the others hands down, and for $29.99 for life you have a deal that's hard to beat. The only reason for NOT using this program would be you prefer a personal tag with the dog's name on it, but my answer to that is why take ANY risk of not being contacted? It would be WELL worth it to simply buy a second tag while it is going for such a discount (The Pawtag).

If you have time to read the article that just popped up for microchips, they are trying to make it sound good -- but I see nothing better than Pawtag.

THE DANGER OF MICROCHIPS: Editor's Note: I believe that because this sector is in a shambles, its popularity will start to fall and be replaced with Pawtag:

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: City Of Burien Can’t Read Pet Microchips?

Hi my name is Delsie Baumgardner, I have a story I’m not sure if you’d be interested in but it would be helpful to people out there looking for their animals:
I lost my female calico cat she was about a year old and spayed and micro-chipped. She had been missing since Tuesday September 7th 2010. I put up signs on Friday September 10th since I never heard anything from any local shelters picking her up I figured I’d be notified if she did get picked up since she was micro-chipped.
I got a phone call from a lady Saturday night saying she was sorry to tell me some bad news about my cat that she was pretty sure it was my cat that was hit by a car on 136th and 2nd Ave South (I live on 136th and 3rd Ave South) and that she called a number that someone gave her to pick up the deceased body.
I called the number that the lady called to have her body picked up and it was the Burien public works department (phone number 206-248-5521) it was Monday morning I called and talked to a lady named Val. She said yes indeed the road crews picked up a deceased calico cat on 136th and 2nd Ave South on Thursday evening. I asked her if they checked her for a microchip and she said no, that unfortunately they don’t have scanners but that if a deceased animal is picked up with a collar and tags that they will notify the owner (cat’s get their collars and tags off plenty of times so we think micro-chipping them will be helpful) and that sometimes they keep the deceased body’s for a couple days but this one was too beat up for them to keep.
What I want to know is that these deceased animals that “road crews” are picking up and not checking for microchips why aren’t they taken to Burien animal care and control and checked for microchips then so that the proper person can be notified if the cat/dog is microchip? I feel that it is unfair that people don’t know, me being one person didn’t know that Burien had road crews picking up deceased animals. I was expecting animal control to have picked up my animal if anything and I don’t know for sure if it was my cat or not that was found near my house deceased or not. It would be nice for some owners to have that closure knowing or not. I also think that owners should know that road crews are picking up deceased animals, and that micro-chipping doesn’t always mean that they are going to know if their animal is picked up or not by the crews.
Thank you for your time and I hope to get the word out so people know to not only look at shelters but to call the Public Works department and maybe we can get them going on getting a scanner!
Delsie Baumgardner
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Click Anywhere on Picture to Buy Lifetime Coverage for $29.95

  • When you sign up with Pawtag, you enter the brass tag number on their computer input page.
  • You enter your dog's name, so when the person who found your pet calls in to the 800 number on the tag, that's the first thing the operator tells them. This way they can talk to your pet by name to calm him.
  • The operator asks the person where they are physically located, and can tell them using a computer map how far your dog is away from home and the address of the dog and you, the owner.
  • The operator tells the person that he/she is going to call you immediately, the owner, so you can call the person back and arrange to pick up your pet. The operator takes down a name and address for the good person who is reuniting dog with family.
  • If you are at work or busy or perhaps away or on vacation, on the computer input form you can enter up to 10 relatives and friends' phone numbers for the operator to call when you are busy and unaware there is a problem. This makes sure the person who found your pet is not inconvenienced if they have something else they must do.
  • Because the computer information is so important it is backed up in one place where the operators can get at it all 24/7, and it is backed up at a secure 2nd location in the event the main database is compromised.
  • Lots of people who have Microchips get Pawtags to help--because neighbors can't read microchips.
  • Let's face it -- while life goes on we take vacations, work, and are sometimes unavailable to attend to an emergency we don't know about-- but with Pawtags you never have to worry about it. Just tell all the people who you listed on the phone list to perhaps expect a call one day. Get them to put THEIR pets on PAWTAG for a lifetime of no worries. Help Pawtag take over as the leader in the lost pet help category, as it can only help Pawtag be an even stronger company with a better known name! 

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