Sep 23, 2010


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Dog aggression may be caused by depression, say scientists

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Researchers in Spain have revealed that aggression in dogs could be the result of clinical depression, rather than the animals being aggressive by nature. This could lead to more dog owners taking out pet insurance to receive help towards the cost of behavioural treatments to help their pets.

A study of family pets led by Dr Belen Rosado of Zaragoza University discovered that badly-behaved dogs tended to have lower levels of serotonin than well-behaved canines. According to Mail Online, serotonin is the brain's 'feel-good' chemical, and a low level in humans is frequently linked to anxiety, depression and mood swings.

Dr Zaragoza explained that aggression is the most common behavioural problem experienced by dogs. In the UK, around 3,800 patients are admitted to NHS hospitals following dog bites each year, leading many dogs to be put down.

The researchers hope that their findings will make it easier for more pets to be diagnosed with behavioural problems, as well as encouraging the development of more anti-depressant drugs to treat their conditions - such as Eli Lilly's beef-flavoured 'Pet Prozac', Reconcile, which was licensed by the UK's Veterinary Medicines Directorate for use in Britain earlier this year.

Vets have also advised pet owners that their animals will be more vulnerable to depression if they are left indoors alone for extended period and that dogs can suffer more when not taken for regular walks. By taking out a comprehensive pet insurance policy, owners could receive financial aid towards veterinary treatments for behavioural disorders, allowing more pets to be accurately diagnosed and treated.
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