Sep 16, 2010

ADULT Dog Chewing Problems

Did I mention she also has a website now: www....My nickname is "Chewy". How Bout You?Stop an Adult Chewer
If a grown dog is chewing and it’s a new behavior, you need to look at the dog’s day. Ask yourself these questions:

• Is my dog getting enough exercise during the day?
• Is my dog mentally stimulated during the day while I am at work?
• Is my dog chewing only when I am away from home?

A “yes” answer to any of these questions indicates that your dog may be chewing because he is bored. Before leaving the house, take your dog for a long walk and do your training to stimulate his mind and body. Provide him with chew toys to keep him busy while you are gone. Chew toys that can be stuffed with an edible filling (such as those made by Kong or the Tire Biter line of toys) can be especially helpful. You can fill them with commercially prepared fillings, or make your own with peanut butter, spray cheese, or any similar filling your dog loves. You can even mix in chopped hot dogs or cold cuts. Try freezing the filled toys to add to the chew time.

When you see your dog chewing something he shouldn’t, take it out of his mouth and replace it with an appropriate chew toy, then praise him. Your dog wants to please you, so the more positive training you provide, the faster he will learn.

I'm a puppy and I LOVE to Chew!

A dog with a rawhide chew toy.Got Anything for Me to Chew On? I'm a Puppy and I'm Teething and it Hurts!Chewing is a puppy’s way of exploring the world by mouth. Taste and smell are strong dog senses and as your puppy gets used to its new home, he will naturally use his mouth to fulfill his curiosity. Human babies do a similar thing when they get their hands on an object they find interesting. Beyond environmental discovery, chewing is a part of a puppy’s teething process. When adult teeth cut through a puppy’s gums, the feeling can be painful and he will try to alleviate this discomfort by chewing. Try giving your pup ice cubes if you can stand a wet floor -- or put him outside with them. Ice numbs the gums. Finally, chewing can be a sign of boredom if a dog is not getting enough exercise or there is a lack of appropriate chew toys and bones for him to sink his teeth into.

No matter the case, you should take three steps to prevent chewing and satisfy your dog’s need to exercise his mouth. First, apply a stop-chew solution to furniture legs, throw-rug corners, any tempting area or object your dog has taken a liking to and has a habit of chewing. Second, provide your dog with safe chew toys so he does not look around the house for alternatives, such as your shoes. Third, be sure your grown dog is getting enough exercise and playtime so he does not resort to chewing your valuables. He will be happier, and so will you.

Make Stop-Chew Solution
To make your own stop-chew solution, mix equal parts of cinnamon, clove, and nutmeg essential oils (from the natural foods store) in a clean glass container with a lid. You can use this blend full strength by applying a small amount with a rubber glove directly to the surface the dog is chewing. To make a spray, place the oil blend in a glass spray bottle and add a small amount of very hot water. Shake well and spray on surfaces you want the dog to avoid. Note: Never use stop-chew solution on painted surfaces, and test other surfaces in an inconspicuous area before applying to be sure it will not cause damage. Store any unused solution in a cool, dark place—the refrigerator is great.

People and Pets are On The Road Together in Increasing Numbers

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Most of us with the economy issues these days are on a very tight budget. However, AAA is relaying some pretty cool news. Pet owners are in increasing numbers taking their pets on vacation with them, and they plan their vacations around pet friendly places -- which are TRULY on the rise. AAA is helping pet owners out with over 13,000 options for lodging in its 2008 pet traveling guide. The website hasn’t seen any visible signs of reduction on luxury travel for our pets either, even though people are supposedly tightening their belts.. This is from Jerry Hatfield who has been in the pet travel business for 11 years.

Many hotels throughout Europe and North America are coming up with gourmet menus and other amenities for our tail-wagging friends. No wonder they are encouraging that pets accompany you , given the number of people traveling with them. Also, doggie day care is an expensive proposition!

Hilton Hotels and Resorts’ has begun offering their “Pet Friendly” program in over 200 Hilton hotels in the Americas. The program is brand new and when checking in a guest’s pet will receive a welcome package. This package includes: a Hilton pet collar tag, a packet of biodegradable waste pickup bags, a bottle of disinfectant, deodorizer, and one step cleaner, along with organic treats and a travel tote. Hilton’s upscale amenities even feature a pet bed designed by artist William Wegman and Crypton Fabrics. It is available in-room and can be purchase online at Last, but certainly not least, the hotels participating in the “Pet Friendly” program also offer a concierge service for the pet traveler. This can give you information on local pet shops, veterinarians and kennels that may be in the area.

Additionally, only a certain number of rooms will be designated “Pet Friendly” in each participating hotel. Not only will they undergo a regular room cleaning, they will be subject to a deep cleaning. This includes all drapery, upholstered furniture and carpets. This service is performed after each four-legged guest checks out.

Housing isn’t the only thing our dogs have to look forward to. At the Arizona Biltmore Resort and Spa in Phoenix; your dog can feast on Zen You for $11.00. Zen You is a vegetable stir-fry with poached eggs and steamed brown rice. This meal is designed to help your dog adjust to the altitude and jet lag they may experience. In Tampa, Florida at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino your dog can feast on braised New Zealand lamb served on a bed of rice for $15.00, or they can have an appetizer of chicken liver pâtè for $7.00. In Los Angeles, the Hyatt Regency at Century Plaza offers a locally sourced organic room service dog menu. All items, which include the “Buddy Burger”, a hamburger with cheese and will cost you $5.00 are cooked to order.

And if you think this all sounds like too much? Wait until you see what disney is doing with a doggie hotel where your dog can stay day and night. If I filled in the blanks it would take up a whole extra post. Suffice it to say that air conditioned rooms and TV are standard!.
"When traveling with your pet, Please remember to always pack your travel first aid kit, and bring food from home to help your dog make the transition. Yes- these hotels do provide a fun menu for you and your dog, but the last thing you want while traveling is an upset stomach. So, please use the menu as a treat and keep Fido on his normal diet. Do not forget to keep your dogs safe for the festivities of July 4th and most of all HAVE FUN!!

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