Feb 28, 2010

Making an Income Online by Blogging About Your Pet(s)

HealthyLife.Net Radio Show
Wendy’s Animal Talk
Host Wendy Nan Rees, Guest Stacey Young
February 23, 2010, 1-2:00 PM PST

How to Make Money Online By Blogging About Your Pet(s)

making an income online by blogging

On February 23, 2010, I had the awesome privilege to do a guest spot on Wendy's Animal Talk to discuss, 'How to make money on the Internet by Blogging about your pets.'

I have been blogging for over ten years and have made money and lost money pursuing the 'internet come dream.' Nowadays, everyone is looking for new ways to bring in extra money, but did you know that you can actually make money online by blogging about your pet(s) or other interests? Whether it is about doggy toys, pet food, natural remedies for dogs and cats or wigs for cats by using a free blog and free affiliate programs, you can have fun and earn commissions too.

Just set up a free account at Google's Blogger or WordPress and start writing. Companies are always looking for ways to advertise their products or services and if you bring them sales - they will pay you commissions through affiliate marketing programs. Search for your favorite products, go to the vendor's website and check to see if they have an affiliate program. Some companies have in-house affiliate programs, some will use outside companies like Amazon, Commission Junction or Clickbank.

The great thing about blogging and integrating affiliate products is, it's free! There are no up-front costs, you don't have to keep products in stock, fuss with taking payments or be concerned with shipping - the company does all that for you so you can focus on advertising for them. The commissions you make vary from vendor to vendor so check around for the best commission payouts.

Over ten years ago, I began blogging about home remedies for dogs and cats because my dog had severe seasonal allergies. I was looking for natural herbal and homeopathic products that I could give my dog to alleviate her health issues. I found a great company that specialized in home remedies for pets and people too. I began writing about my experience and integrated various products into my blog at PetWithAllergies.Blogspot.com

Now that you have an affiliate blog, how do you get people to come to your site and make purchases? Gone are the days, when you could just put up a blog and people would find you - there is a massive amount of competition on the internet. But with a little know-how you will be getting visitors, who are targeted customers making purchases in no time.

At my site Makeincomeonlinetips.com
, I layout a general plan and provide essential tools for getting your blog (or website) seen in the search engines. I share the tools and methods that I use to research target 'niche' markets, find 'hot' keywords and analyze for profitability. I also discuss using search engine optimization (SEO) to supercharge your blog so that the search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing will love your blog. I also share tools that explain the latest hot trends like web videos and how to use this to your advantage to earn commissions.

So go ahead and blog about your kitty's favorite catnip toy or your doggy's treat and earn some extra cash doing it!

For more tips on how to make money online by blogging, go to MakeIncomeOnlineTips.com. In addition, please feel free to Email Stacey for more information.

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