Jul 15, 2010

A GREAT Bonding Experience for You and Your Dog or Puppy

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It is really important that you and your dog do some grooming exercises at a young age.As with anything else with a new puppy or dog, if they are young enough to be imprinted or they are at the age of needing training, grooming is a part of your everyday puppy’s life.

It is important for them to stand calmly and relaxed for bathing, brushing their hair, cleaning ears, eyes, feet, and even around the tail. The more you do this at a younger age, the more likely your puppy will come to enjoy this time as bonding time and not an experience he has to run from, because of the water or brush. A good tip is for two to three minutes, two or three times a day, run your hands over his entire body with a brush, practice opening his mouth, wiping over his eyes and wiping in his ears, and even cleaning his rear end and tail. Remember, positive reinforcement is what is going to work here, not negative. If in the beginning he doesn’t like the brush on his fur, just simply put the brush down, let him relax and come back with a softer brush to try again. Again, having a treat as a reward will assist in the process.
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