Jan 22, 2010

Whole Food Recipes from Creating Health!

Most of the people I speak with have animals who are ill or out of balance in one way or another. The most common imbalances are allergies, digestive disorders, chronic itching, ear infections, paw licking. I often hear about more serious illness, as well. In the vast majority of these cases, the common denominator is dry food.

Dry and canned food are heated to high temperatures during the baking/canning process, thus destroying all enzymes, many crucial anti-oxidants, and even damaging minerals and amino acids. This processing binds up the proteins and other ingredients, making these foods almost impossible for even the most robust animal to fully digest. So even if you see blueberries and a long list of vegetables, greens and fruits in the ingredient list, they have all been baked into oblivion! And think about it - if you are eating blueberries for their nutritional, healing qualities, do you first bake them at 350 degrees until crunchy? Of course not!

My mission in life is to spread the word about the healing power of real, whole foods. Dogs need real meat, greens, vegetables and even fruit. Cats are obligate carnivores, so need 70%-90% high quality protein, along with greens, and some felines also very much enjoy fruits and vegetables. I believe both dogs and cats benefit from having at least some raw food in their diets. My personal preference is to serve all fruits, vegetables, and greens in raw or dehydrated form (as in powdered greens), as these foods retain their healing nutrients and are the most bio-available to the canine and feline digestive systems. The beauty of whole foods is their ability to be metabolized by the body without overwhelming the liver, kidneys, or digestive system. In other words, whole foods that are species-appropriate help create balance and healing at the cellular level.

Following are some of my favorite recipes.

For animals that have been on medication, are ill, in recovery or just not feeling well, broth can be a very healing meal. Healing broths can be served between meals, or given to animals that just don't feel like eating. Healing broth is a wonderful way to support your animal friend - by providing important nutrients in a super-digestible, bio-available form.

Following is a healing broth recipe that I often use and recommend for dogs that need extra liver support, have a weakened digestive system, or are immune-impaired in any way.

Healing Broth, Beets Carrots

3/4 cup chicken broth
3/4 cup grated raw beets and/or carrots
1 tsp Essential Fatty Acids
1/4 tsp Digestive Enzymes
2 full scoops pwdered Greens
1 capsule Probiotics

The beets can create bright red poop! Its ok!

The chicken broth, if made with the whole chicken (including bones and organ meat) is very healing and re-mineralizing for both dogs and cats. Make a large batch and freeze in glass jars. Once frozen, the jars can be stored sideways. Broth is always good to have on hand - it's great for healthy dogs and cats, too!

Beets and carrots provide liver support and are loaded with important, healing vitamins and minerals.

Essential fatty acids are essential! For brain development, skin and coat health, joint maintenance, and as a powerful detoxifier, essential fatty acids can make a visible difference in your dog or cat's appearance in a very short time when added to every meal. So important!

Greens supply a wide range of vital, healing vitamins, trace minerals, anti-oxidants and other nutrients while helping capture and carry toxins out of the body. Greens increase the nutritional value of the food they are combined with and are loaded with naturally occurring enzymes. In short, greens are miracle foods!

Enzymes help break down and make the nutrients in food bioavailable to your dog or cat. Enzymes support the organs of digestion, the pancreas, and the immune system. Without enzymes, cellular healing is impossible. I believe all dogs and cats benefit from digestive enzyme supplements, and for animals in middle age or older, enzymes are a must!

Probiotics, in the ideal world, are the friendly bacteria that coat the entire intestinal tract to form a barrier against unfriendly bacteria. I recommend probiotics for all animals who have been on or are taking antibiotics, or any other prescription drugs. If an animal has been eating only dry or canned food for months or years, a round of probiotics can be very healing. Give probiotics at least an hour or two away from any antibiotic.

Here is another recipe that both my dogs enjoy:


3/4 cup goat milk yogurt
1 egg w/crushed shell (raw or soft-boiled)
3/4 cup chopped/minced vegetables (20% for cats - pureed)
3/4 cup Broth
1/8 tsp Halo Xtra-C

This is a great breakfast for a medium size dog. What I often do is make a double batch so I have enough for both dogs and the cat!

And a recipe for canines that may surprise you:

1 cup cooked pinto beans
1 cup cooked rice or oats (provided grains work for your dog)
1 cup Sojos Europa Grain Free or finely chopped organic vegetables
1 egg or 3/4 cup yogurt (or both)
EFA’s, Enzymes, Greens

And a completely raw recipe (for a large dog):

1 1/2 cup Bravo raw rabbit
3/4 cup pureed vegetables
2 tsp Kelp or Alfalfa
1 tsp Cod Liver Oil or other EFA
1/2 tsp Digestive enzymes

This recipe, scaled down, would also be great for a feline (w 10-20% vegetables).

Please see my website for more information about my nutritional philosophy, success stories, and more!

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