Nov 4, 2009

Keeping Your Cat Healthy and De-Stressed

Wendy’s Animal talk Today Nov 3, 2009
Our guest was Celeste Yarnall, Ph.d
Author of ‘The Complete Guide to Holistic Cat Care”

What a fun show we had today with our Guest Celeste, here are a few of the Wonderful tips Celeste offered us during today’s show.

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What results did you notice in your cats?

Their energy levels on the raw meat and raw bone recipe which is properly supplemented in my book created a kind of super cat...highly resistant to fleas, fungus and parasites, incredible energy low incidence of birth defects beautiful healthylitter which improved dramatically generation after generation beautiful coats good teeth and gums no more redness at the gum line at the end of the 11 generation breeding program we had achieved perfect health,

Why are egg whites not good for cats?
Wendy, I honestly do not remember why the raw egg white is problem I think it has something to do with disrupting their own specialized ability to manufacture Vitamin C....But it might be easiest to simply say that raw yolks are fine ...

What is your tip on how to make the turkey and chicken bones safe for the cats and dogs to enjoy as desert?
We simply recommend marinating the bones in a solution of purified water to which we add 4 drops of standardized extract of grapefruit( GSE) The bones or meat can be defrosted in this solution and kept in the fridge for approx imately 3 days.

There has been some controversy lately on vaccinations; would you explain your own “Vaccine Protocol” (page 40) to our listeners?
I personally recommend vaccinating one time only at 16weeks of age for Panleukopenia, unfortunately the upper respiratory vaccines are included in the 3 way vaccines and most kittens react to this with symptoms of the cat flu. These symptoms may persist for the life of the cat and manifest in runny eyes, sniffles, etc. Just because we have certain laws on our books in so many states to vaccinate or vet clinics impose their own restrictions regarding vaccines does not mean that we are doing something that is good for our companion animals. This is a kind of herd mentality. Each individual animal or human being can have a deadly reaction to these drugs. I prefer to boost the immune system naturally.With the exception of panleukopenia (which is highly effective) I think vaccines have proven to do more harm than good.

What are the essential nutrients that cats should have in their diet?
(page 61-63) Calcium in the correct ratio to meat and bone is critical as is Taurine and arginine, to name but a few. The most critical are detailed in my book

What are some of the supplements that are not safe for cats?
(Page 125, right column) Alpha lipoic acid can be deadly to cats but it is safe and beneficial for dogs and people. Resveratrol may also be problematic, again to name but a few.

Explain to our listeners why you say “A chicken is not a mouse)"?
(Page 68) A chicken is higher in protein and fat. The mouse is the perfect food for the domestic cat, however with some creativity we can use chicken, turkey, beef or lamb in our homemade diet with a few supplements which I have designed specifically for my recipe (Celestial Cats VM+, EFA Oil and Celestial Cats Digestive Enzymes. (I have created a product line for dogs as well) added to balance the diet and recreate our prey animal safely in our own kitchen. I worked with a holistic veterinarian formulator to create these products since they did not exist, in order to properly supplement my own cats food. Now I share them on an exclusive basis through (as very small batches are made a time with no fillers...they are excipient free)

What is “diet drift” and how can it affect our pet’s health?
(Page 68, right column) Diet drift is a term that basically means people start out with a good recipe and then run out of something and proceed without it...this can be quite dangerous to the health of the cat or dog. My recipe outlined in my book along with the rules and tools we share with our readers has been used for over 17 years and on 11 generations of my own Tonkinese cats.

How does stress affect our pet’s immune system & the aging process?
(page 127, right column)A stressed animal is the same as a stressed human...basically we suppress the immune system leaving us vulnerable to infection and inflammation which encourage the development of free radicals. Free radicals can damage DNA and play a major role in diseases of aging such as arthritis and cancer.

suggestions would you suggest for our listeners to help their pets’ de-stress?
Classical/new age music instead of noise pollution or to white out the sounds of leaf blowers, etc. Reduce your own stress level as our animals pick up on our stress. Peruse the myriad of possibilities which we share in the book, such as the use of aromatherapy with hydrosol sprays. Proper placement of crystals. Explore how to reduce EMF exposure. Practice mediation, tai chi etc for your own stress reduction which then helps your animals de-stress along with you. Bring joy and happiness into your environment. When we make our own food for our selves and our animals we can add love as an essential ingredient. Never eat or feed when you are stressed as digestion is nearly impossible. Look at the Feng Shui in your home to be sure your surroundings are harmonious. Where and how is the litter box located, where is food served.... always feed cats on a flat plate not a bowl as it is stressful to them for their whiskers to touch the sides of bowls...don't place food plates in front of a mirror....your cat will feel their is another cat threatening them.

What is “light toxicity & how does it affect our pets?
(Page 140) We all basically need to honor the cycles of light and dark and sleep in our own version of a cool dark cave.... I call it the black night sleeping experience like our ancestors enjoyed. Cover LED lights at night so you truly sleep in the black. In the summer turn lights out at 10 PM and rise at 7 am and in the winter lights out at 9 pm and rise at 6...I know this is easier said than done but the health benefits reaped are enormous. This little tip alone will help you and your cats manage your weight and prevent tumor formation as well as prevent myriad deadly chronic diseases.

Do you practice any alternative therapies with your own cats?
I do just about everything I discuss in my book. The foundation is of course the homemade raw meat and raw bone species specific diet out lined in the book. But I also do Reiki as I am a Reiki master. Use flower essences and homeopathy. I love massage techniques such as T-touch. I personally use a piece of equipment outlined in the book (it is FDA approved) called The Eng3 Corp Active Air device. You will find the way I use it with my cats outlined in the book or folks can call us persoanlly. One little tip which I do is to use the water after it has been activated for the cats drinking bowl.

Do you have any uplifting stories you can share with us?
I am so honored to share my life with these wonderful little people in fur suits..... there seems to be a great story every day! One of my favorites is how my beloved cat Romeo to whom the book is dedicated rescued me from a garden snake that had crept into my house. He ran down stairs and screamed at it at the top of his lungs and hovered over it...they were hissing at each other as well but Romeo was clearly warning me not to tread upon this intruder......the snake was terrified and Romeo had him cornered so I was able to come and help him back to the great outdoors!

Thank you to my Executive producer Ruthie Bently for writing all the Show Opens for Wendy’s Animal talk and Wendy Nan Rees, Each week Ruthie helps WNR to bring WAT alive for all of us.

Celeste Yarnall, Ph.d, author of “The Complete Guide to Holistic Cat Care”

Wysong Widens Recall Due to Mold

Release Date: Monday, November 02, 2009

Wysong expanded the recall of its extruded dog foods manufactured in June, July and August of 2009 with lot numbers Maintenance 090817, Senior 090811 and Synorgon 090629.

Those lots join five others recalled earlier (Maintenance 090617, 090624, 090706, and 090720 and Senior 090623).

The company attributed the mold to unusually high heat and humidity during the summer in combination with a malfunctioning moisture checking device, according to its Web site.

Wysong reported its foods were tested for mycotoxins and came back negative.

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