Feb 26, 2009

Dirty Dog? How To Make Your Own Dry Shampoo

How to Make Your Own Dry Shampoo for Fido

With winter still going strong, I promise I see spring just around the corner. Have you ever had the problem that your beloved dog just stinks? I have and when it is too cold outside and too cold inside for me to bathe them and do not have the time to blow dry all three of my boys, then I make this wonderful DRY SHAMPOO.

What I like about this is it can help put off a real bath for a few weeks until you can get your dog to the groomer or you can bathe them at home. Another wonderful thing about the dry shampoo is that you can use this when you just need to freshen up your dog in between your regular grooming trips. Say it has been raining for days and now your dog just has that “wet dog” smell, this dry shampoo will work wonders.

There are so many different ways to use this homemade dry shampoo that I keep a bottle of it in my refrigerator all year long. Summer it works wonders when I do not have time to bath them and guest are coming over in 20 minutes I have great smelling dogs. Winter month this will not only freshen your dog but it will help to prolong your trip to the groomer and keep them from getting a chill when bathing at home.
If you are the type of person who goes to flea markets keep your eyes open for a pretty shaker container to keep your dry shampoo in but if you do not have the time or just want to make it now then use an old Parma cheese type of shaker, with the holes on the top so you can shake just the right amount out to use on your dog Big or Small.


Container with a solid cover and an inside cover with holes for sprinkling
1 box corn starch
1 ½ cups corn meal
10 drops of the essential oils you like. I use Tea Tree, Lemon Grass and Citronella

I use tea tree for its healing properties, as it heals “hot spots” and other itching problems
I use lemon grass because it has a wonderful smell
I use citronella which will help retard the fleas
You can also use lavender oil to help with calming issues


Note: If you have flour sifter, use it to sift all your dry ingredients. This will make all the difference, as it will ensure you don’t have any lumps when making your dry shampoo.
1. In a large bowl place all your ingredients add your oil then mix well.
2. After well mixed, take about ½ cup at a time and run it through the flour sifter this will make it very fine with no lumps.
3. Now put your dry shampoo into the container and fill to top. If you have any leftover shampoo, you can make another container.

Or to store the extra shampoo, just place it into an airtight bag and store in the freezer. When you are ready to use it, take it out of the freezer the night before you need it. Let it come to room temperature then re-sift the bagged batch to make it fine again. If any moisture has occurred, then just let it sit out in a bowl for a few hours in a warm kitchen and this will get rid of any moisture that may have occurred during the time in the freezer.

How to apply your dry shampoo:

BATH TIME- It is a good idea to do this in an area you can vacuum up easily and if your dog shakes the dust will not get on all your living room stuff. I like to do this in my garage or the bathroom. I also place a very large bath towel under my dog; this helps the cleanup process also.

Have your dog stand quietly then sprinkle the shampoo all over their body. Use a good curry comb or brush to rub into the fur deeply. I sometimes use my hands and make this a mini massage, they love this. Let the shampoo sit for about 5 minutes then brush out until they are shining and smelling wonderful.

NOTE: If your dog has very dry skin, after the dry shampoo but before the last big brush; take about a tablespoon of olive oil and rub well into the fur then brush well. This will not only help with dry skin but make them shine like never before. Don’t forget to have a treat waiting to reward them as you also want this to be a pleasant experience for both of you. Remember to use your loving voice and soon they will know bath time is fun time.

Remember, the animals in your life are not just your pets; they're your friends. WNR

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