Mar 31, 2008

What we can do for you here at WNR- Pet Lifestyle Advisor

We would like to introduce you to...

Wendy Nan Rees, Pet Lifestyle Advisor.

Wendy is a multi-talented inventor, and
entrepreneur. She is a published author of 5
books (including her latest “The Natural Pet
Food Cookbook”). Wendy also writes two
weekly columns for, puts out
a monthly newsletter, and hosts her own weekly
radio show.

Many inventive things can be found at her

Custom designed dog and cat beds,
designed to match the fabrics in your home,
available in three sizes.

Soy candles, her Freshen-Vac® air fresheners
for your vacuum cleaner, minted tennis balls,
herbal flea collars, and polar fleece blankets
for your dog or cat.

Private cooking classes for your pet can be
taken anywhere that there is a phone.
Personalized 30 minute class teaches you
how to cook for your pet and includes a
custom tailored cook booklet for your pet’s
individual needs.

Custom design a playroom for your favorite
four-legged friend, and phone consultation
for only $75.00. Wendy is also available if
you need help with designing the interior of
your home, or to simply want to tweak your
home’s current design a bit.
•Also available for Personal appearances!
Listen to her Weekly radio show

“Wendy’s Animal Talk”

Tuesdays1:00 pm to 2:00 pm PST.

Office : 507.835.0021
Direct: 310.344.6532

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Wendy Nan Rees uses her 25 years of expertise to answer pet health questions and offer expert advice for pet lovers.

You can find many more great tips in her latest best-selling book shown below, "Dog Lovers' Daily Companion".

It has 365 useful, and inventive tips for your pets.
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