Dec 4, 2007

Wendy's Animal Talk Radio December Schedule

12.04.2007 Gloria Sykes is the founder of the Bon Ami Foundation. Bon Ami, which is French for "Good Friend". Gloria is a survivor of a rare breast cancer. And she credits her friend Liza with getting her started on this foundation. Bon Ami Foundation is an Eco-Human and Animal-Friendly not-for-profit organization that marries two great causes: Cancer survivors and stray cats and dogs. Their goal is to help cancer survivors to not only survive their cancer, but to also thrive. Gloria can be reached at or by email at

12.11.2007 Joanne Justis is back by popular demand. We still have a few pet naming charts available. So listen to Wendy's Animal Talk on for your chance to win a pet naming for your own four-legged angel.

12.18.2007 Kandy Radzinski, author and illustrator of "What Cats Want for Christmas". This book is a delightful romp through the wish lists of numerous cats, with names like Kirby, Miss Kitty, Gracie, Paws and Louie. Each cat has a Christmas wish list like Benny, who would like a "sweater knit of red Irish setter" or Oscar, who would "love some fleas for his neighbor's Pekingese". This is a book any child will love, and anyone who collects Christmas themed books would be proud to add it to their library. I have to tell you, Kandy (who by the way, lives with Scotties not cats), has a definite gift. I do live with cats, and I can tell you, her perspective is breath-taking. The detail she takes with her illustrations is magical, and they are suitable for framing. Any cat owner would love to receive this refreshing look into the mind of a feline at Christmas. You can view more of Kandy's whimsical illustrations and art at and her email address is

12.25.2007 Merry Christmas

For those of our listeners, who don't celebrate Christmas, but another holiday: May your holiday season bring you joy and good tidings. And may your new year be bright.

It's Finally here. Wendy's long-awaited book "The Natural Pet Food Cookbook, Healthful Recipes for Dogs & Cats" is now available.
Wendy's latest foray into the written word is a fascinating look at a new way of cooking for your pet. This is a subject whose time has come. With all the recent pet food recalls, many people are turning to the art of cooking for their pets. Wendy takes you from the basics: tools to use, pantry items, and new uses for ingredients you may have never used in cooking for your pet before.

This is no ordinary book of treats. This cookbook has recipes for making your own kibbles, casseroles, soups, loaves and bulk recipes. There are even sauce recipes for those of you who have finicky eaters at home. All of these recipes can be made ahead and stored in the freezer, then taken out and warmed up for serving later. Not only that, they store well and can be kept in the freezer for up to three months depending on the recipe.
This book is a must for any dog or cat lover that might be on your holiday gift list, and will be a welcome addition to their pet library. If you have a dog or cat of your own, it is a must for your cookbook collection as well. This is a gift that will keep giving year after year.
Synopsis: The unprecedented pet food recall that began in March 2007 has pet owners very concerned. Many have become mistrustful of commercial food manufacturers and instead are turning to home-cooked meals as a way to ensure that their pets remain safe. although most people find that commercial pet foods will have to do the majority of the time, we recognize that processed foods are no better for our animal companions than they are for us, and that eating natural, wholesome foods is far preferable. This cookbook will provide a variety of healthful meal recipes for dogs and cats, the two most commonly kept pets in the United States. Recipes will not include processed foods, but instead rely on natural ingredients like whole grains, fresh vegetables and fruits, and humanely raised meats. The book contains 50 recipes along with sidebars providing supplemental information about nutrition, cooking techniques, and holistic pet care. Copyright 2007 Howell Books
The Natural Pet Food Cookbook is currently on sale on for $10.19, which is a savings of 32%. Check it out and write a review. Barnes & Noble is offering it for 20% off to the general public at $11.99, and for B&N members it is only $10.79.

Oct 29, 2007

Wendy's Animal Talk November Schedule

November Guests

11.06.2007 Tracie Hotchner, author of The Cat Bible: What Your Cat Wants to Know

11.13.2007 Joanne Justis, Numerology Expert Numerology & Your Pets

Joanne is a talented woman, who can tell you all about yourself, your children, and your pets. All she needs is your name(s), and your birthdate. Through Wendy's Animal Talk, Joanne is giving away a limited amount of Pet Naming charts. So get listening, and you can participate, in this fasinating look at your pet's life.

11.20.2007 Joy Turner Talking to Your Animals

Joy will show you that you don't need to be an expert to "talk" to your animal friends. It really works if you have a bit of patience and listen.

11.27.2007 Dr. Kevin Schlanger Veterinary Medicine
When Dr. Kevin and Wendy get together, the conversation is never dull. You can call in and ask Dr. Kevin veterinary questions you may have about your four-legged friend. Get ready for an entertaining hour of conversation.

Ruthie Bently

Oct 16, 2007

Wendy's Animal Talk Radio Show October Schedule

October 16th, 2007

Hello everyone,

I am Wendy's assistant, and will be making posts. I wanted to bring you up to speed on Wendy's Animal Talk. Here is our guest list for the rest of October.
On October 23rd, Pam Mourouz from Wiley Publishing will be Wendy's guest. They will be discussing what every budding writer should know about getting a book published.
On October 30th, Dr. Jessica Waldman, D.V.M. will be Wendy's guest. Dr. Jessica will be discussing the topic of rehabilitation therapy for dogs. Did you know that the title "physical therapist" is registered to human physical therapists only, and therapists for animals are not allowed to call themselves this? Dr. Jessica will be talking about this interesting field, and what rehabilitation therapy consists of.
Wendy is also participating in a contest that is open to her radio listeners. Some of the prizes available are: In the Giveaway Garden you could win a pet odor eliminating soy candle that removes odors from the air. With each candle she will also give away her famous Freshen Vac deodorizers for vacuum cleaners. Make sure to tune in to the show for more details.
There is also a Pro Shop, where the listener can get a 10% discount on Wendy's cooking class. What you get is a personal 30 minute cooking class consultation with Wendy. You will also receive a copy of Wendy's cooking class booklet, "Cooking With Wendy", which contains 15 recipes, a feeding chart and nutritional information you can use. And if you have any questions after you take the course, you can call Wendy with any questions you might have.
We have some very interesting guests scheduled for November also, but we will tell you more about this later. That's all for now. Check back for more information on November's radio show schedule. And by all means, if you have any suggestions for topics for the show you would like to hear; or guests you would like us to try and book, feel free to contact us.
Be sure to check out Wendy's weekly dog and cat columns on Love To Know. Until next time, in Wendy's own words: Remember, the animals in your life are not just your pets; they're your friends. WNR

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